• How to get rid of the smell of garlic?

    Edward Stefchishin
    Edward Stefchishin
    January 9, 2013
    How to get rid of the smell of garlic?

    Often there is a problem with smells from the mouth. Among the unpleasant, perhaps, the most basic is the garlic aroma, which appears after hearty dinners with garlic sauce. So how to get rid of the smell of garlic? There are several ways and they are all associated with the use of other aromatic agents.

    The first method, recommended by many, is, of course, a thorough brushing of the teeth and mint chewing gum. But, unfortunately, this is not enough for long, as garlic, by its persistent odor, being absorbed through the blood, already emits its persistent aroma through breathing, standing out by the lungs. In this case, neither toothpaste, no matter how high-quality and expensive it is, nor the most powerful chewing gum will help. So how to remove the smell of garlic, if the standard oral hygiene does not help?

    In any case, you have to turn to grandmother's advice, that is, to folk remedies, which, as you know, help everyone and in almost all cases.The most famous of all and naturally available to everyone is chewing parsley. This green has a persistent light odor and interrupts almost all the rest. Being absorbed in the same way as garlic, it has a similar effect on breathing and interrupts the smell. The main thing after that is to brush your teeth, since the greens left on them will, with their appearance, shock the people around at least the smell of garlic.

    Spices have the same effect. Clove, the queen of aromas, completely removes odors of any origin, but because of its sharpness and specific taste, not everyone likes it. So it is better to first try to chew a little, and if there is its portability, then you can chew a few grains. The same thing happens with the bay leaf, which is desirable to chew fresh, but in its absence, you can use and dry.

    For coffee lovers, it is good to chew heavily roasted grains (ground coffee does not bring the desired effect). The most interesting of all the proposals, than to kill the smell of garlic, is an Indian spice - cardamom. The cardamom is from the ginger family, but does not have such a sharp taste and completely neutralizes other smells with its light aroma.You need to chew grains, which is very convenient, as they are small in size and do not leave behind any marks on the teeth. Virtually no smell, cardamom still completely interrupts the smell not only of garlic, but also of alcohol. Nomadic Bedouins add cardamom when brewing coffee to raise the tone, so that in the morning you can chew it and not only get rid of the unpleasant smell, but also recharge your batteries for the whole day.

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