• How to get rid of the car?

    Are you sick of your old car? Do you no longer have enough nerves and money to repair it? Do you just want to fail under the ground, if only she was gone? This is a fairly easy task, and you can fulfill your dream very simply. There is simply a huge number of ways to get rid of the car, moreover, having done it quite legally and without environmental pollution. We present to your attention the most simple and common methods of getting rid of the car.


    The simplest and most legitimate way to get rid of the car. You can place an ad in the newspaper selling your annoying car for a symbolic price. And if your goal is to get rid of it as soon as possible, the symbolic price should be $ 1. The whole phone will ring you not only after the newspaper’s release, it’s most likely that it willn’t be able to get out, most likely, either the newspaper editor or the director himself can call you, because the cost of your car as scrap metal will be higher and the person is quite greedy .

    The second way to sell, if you also belong to a greedy category of people, is to sell it for an approximate estimated cost, that is, for about the price that it pulls. In this case, you can sell your car for more than one year, and you need to get rid of it, so think for yourself.

    A discount

    If you are a prudent person and don’t want to give the car away for a song, you don’t want to wait either, because you need to get rid of it quickly, we offer you a second way. Now in Russia there is a program for the exchange of old cars for a discount to buy a new one. If your car is more or less supported, you can recycle your car, having passed it in exchange for a discount of 50,000 rubles. Then present the discount certificate issued to you in the new salon, and now, you have a new car in your pocket, but it's 50,000 cheaper! Well, or if you do not want to buy a new car, you can simply donate a certificate to someone from relatives, relatives or friends, someone who was just about to fork out for a new car in the near future.

    Scrap metal

    Carefully thinking where to hand over the old car, you can spot a hint in the proposal itself - pass it. That's right, for your ruin, you can help out money. Moreover, the method with one hundred percent result.Just take your car and drive it to the nearest collection point for ferrous metal scrap. The question becomes an edge if your car is no longer able to drive. Then you need to hire a tow truck, or simply ask someone to take it, or order a car with a loader for transportation. That is, then you will need to think about the so-called taxi for your annoying car. But there may be problems. At the point of reception of scrap metal may not be so much money, or your car simply will not want to accept, then your trip will be in vain. But this is solved by a phone call. It is better to agree on the surrender in advance by calling the appropriate places.


    You can cut your car into components with your own hand, with the help of a grinder or gas cutting machine. Of course this is a noisy and time-consuming process. But you can achieve a certain result. First, you cut your car, stop its existence as a car itself, and secondly, you can separately hand it over to the same scrap metal, but with more confidence that they will be accepted.

    Spare parts

    The car can simply be disassembled into components and parts. In any case, even in the oldest car, some spare parts remain and they can be quite suitable for sale. But let's say, to sell, thus, the car can be no earlier than a year, since it takes a lot of time both to disassemble the car itself and to sell the parts themselves. Well, anyway, you will not be able to sell everything to zero. In this case, you need to think about whether you need such painstaking work, and even more so a warehouse of unusable auto parts in the future.


    You can take the car for parts, but not to dig yourself and disassemble the car yourself, but simply turn to certain organizations, private or public, that disassemble the cars themselves. Turning there, the car will be appreciated by an appraiser, specially working in such places. Maybe the amount will not be so great, but you will not have any difficulties, to the extent that you can even take the car from your yard.


    If the thought is still in your mind, I want to sell the car, but I want to do it quickly, you can try to lay it at the pawnshop.Now there are certain institutions of this kind, which give money on the security of not only gold and jewelry, but also on the security of various household appliances, telephones, televisions, and of course cars. The problem is that in some pawnshops your car will not be so vehemently distressed, because it can be in a deplorable state. Well, and they will not have big profit from your car. Although you can try, bring a car even in a small order, and lay for not such a large amount. And then simply do not redeem it, and you will get rid of the car in this way, and you will also have money from it.

    Well, and if you are a very extreme and non-greedy person, there are several ways to get rid of the car. It can be buried in a place where no one would ever find it, it can be left in a yard with open doors. Moreover, there is a possibility that it will either be stolen or dismantled for parts. You can give it to someone, the main thing is that you don’t care if the person to whom you gave the pimped offense or not, and the second question, will any of your friends accept such a “generous” gift from you?And finally, you can simply get behind the wheel of a car without a license, and go to the wheel of sight, to the nearest traffic police post. There you decide your question very quickly, the car will be taken to a fine area where it will successfully stand idle, no longer blisters your eyes.

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