• How to get rid of cough?

    So where does the cough come from, what is a cough? In short, our airways are lined with mucous membranes. Its irritation is caused by harmful substances. So, a cough is a sudden jerky breath of air, freeing the lungs from these substances. And, it is not a secret for anyone that when coughing the pathogens spread. Here with them we will be overcome.

    How to get rid of cough

    This is a hot topic and there is no way around it. All people have different ideas about cough, about its types, about methods of treatment, about prevention. There are no universal cure treatments, but there are simple and effective remedies and recipes. How to get rid of cough? First, estimate exactly what the cough is. There are a lot of species: dry, expectorant, moist, barking. And only then proceed to treatment.

    How to get rid of cough faster

    No time to hurt, and cough just tortured? The main thing that in the process of cough sputum departed. The most common recipe for a quick cough treatment is milk with honey, hot milk with alkaline mineral water.And, in general, it is necessary to consume as much fluid as possible in order to stabilize the water balance in the body, which is disturbed during the illness.

    Get rid of dry cough

    If we are firmly convinced that the cough is dry, we will start with folk methods. We make an easy tincture: 5 fig stuff we brew with one glass of boiling milk. We wrap up with a towel, and when it is drawn, it can start treatment. We will take 2-4 times a day before meals for 1/3 cup. This is a very tasty and very useful tool.

    Well, and where without a bow - a natural healer! It is widely used for dry cough. You can simply fry the onions in butter and eat with honey. And you can squeeze the juice, add some honey and gargle.

    And some more tips from traditional medicine.

    And if the baby coughs? Our actions

    Of course, it is necessary that the doctor supervises the treatment of cough in a child. To save the child from coughing, there is no need to immediately give a medicine. It is clear that all the homes have medicines at the ready, but do not rush. Medicines can cause harm to your baby if used improperly. Instead, consider eating better.Include more fruit or make natural juice yourself. Buy mineral water (like �Borjomi�), because its chemical composition will facilitate the release of sputum and speed up the healing process. In the diet include light, but rich in calories food.

    But, in order to cure cures even more effectively, administer inhalations. These procedures can be done to children older than 4 years. Use the leaves of chamomile, sage, coltsfoot, thyme. Take all the components of 1 tbsp. spoon, place in bulk dishes and pour boiling water. Then add 1 teaspoon of soda and a few drops of menthol oil (you can also eucalyptus). Perform such inhalation several times a day. In your example, show the child that it is not scary and not dangerous. Smile, say how you liked it and it smells good. Then to overcome the cough in a child you succeed.

    Some tips on how to treat cough in children can be found at.

    How to get rid of strong cough

    It is to night, and the patient is tormented by a strong cough in the evening. How to help him fall asleep? Proven method: 3 drops of iodine are dropped into a glass of hot water. There is another effective way, but not everyone perceives it purely physically.In a glass of boiling milk, add 1 teaspoon of soda and 1 teaspoon of goat fat. Mix thoroughly and drink in small sips 2-3 times a day before meals. Of course, the smell and taste is specific, but has a healing property.

    And, if it is still difficult to consume the fat inside, rub the breast with goat fat, put on a cotton t-shirt, woolen sweater on top and wrap yourself in a blanket. Finally you get enough sleep!

    And do not forget, after recovery, to properly assess the causes of the disease. This will help you correctly identify cough prevention. More in the fresh air, walk a lot, temper yourself, have a positive attitude, do not be nervous in vain. Yes, and most importantly, wash your hands more often. Soap - vaccine, which is always at hand. Why bring yourself to painful injections.

    Do you smoke? Do you know how to save you from coughing?

    To rid the smoker of cough, use one commonplace tool: you need to quit smoking. It is better to deal with the cause than with the effect. It is wise.

    Do you know what happens inside your body when you put out a cigarette? After 15-20 minutes, the body begins to change, your blood pressure returns to normal, your palms and legs warm up to normal. And so, gradually, the risk of a heart attack decreases, the taste and smell is aggravated.Walking becomes easier and you are less worried about coughing, fatigue, sinusitis, shortness of breath. And everything, from you and your clothes will no longer be unpleasant to smell, and your breath will become fresh.

    Do not look for drugs, do not pay twice! Eliminate the bad habit and breathe deep clean lungs. And you will forget about the smoker's cough once and for all!

    Dear readers! Be selective for treatments! What is suitable for one person may be useless for another or even harm!

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