• How to get rid of cellulite at home?

    Most women know firsthand what cellulite is. Small bumps appear on the surface of the skin when the skin is folded, and then this tuberosity remains even by itself. In the end, some already suffer from the perfect disfigurement of the thighs and buttocks, which become similar to yeast dough, which is used in a finger.

    How to get rid of cellulite? To correctly answer this question, you first need to consider the stage of cellulite.

    Stages of cellulite

    As you know, there are 4 stages of cellulite development. In the first two, cellulite is almost imperceptible at first glance. There is some swelling of the hips. A woman may just seem that she is a little plump in these places.

    The first stage of cellulite

    It is called "swelling." How does it start at the level of the body? Fat cells process nutrients and form slags that are released into the extracellular fluid. It is here that they gradually accumulate.When the slag becomes so much that they begin to squeeze the lymphatic vessels, then about 60-70% of the fluid is already retained in the body. Lymphatic vessels are responsible for pumping this fluid. So there is a feeling of swelling and swelling. But some fluid (30-40 percent) is still excreted through the veins.

    How to get rid of cellulite at home and not only:

    1. Be sure, you hear, be sure to (!) Begin to play sports.
    2. Go to the sauna, thereby you remove from the body all the accumulated excess fluid and slag. By the way, in some sports halls there is an IR (infrared cabin), just designed for this.
    3. It would be good to undergo a course of lymphatic drainage.
    4. Be sure to use anti-cellulite creams after a shower with a scrub. They are great help in the first stage. Massage the skin by applying them.

    The second stage of cellulite

    Here, the swelling is more serious, since the venous system cannot cope with the amount of fluid that needs to be removed from the body. There is pressure inside the tissue. The fluid is already squeezing the veins. It's time to get seriously worried, because fatty deposits become dense: the swelling has become more and the tissues have greatly tightened. If the legs and hips have become denser, then this suggests a second stage of cellulite.

    How to get rid of cellulite at home and in other ways:

    1. Increase physical activity. In addition to sports, we try to walk to work. In the evening, you need to make an hour walk, move more in each free minute.
    2. Sessions of lymphatic drainage are advised to do more often.
    3. Regular use of sauna, bath.
    4. Do not take a break between using anti-cellulite creams. They need to be changed. You can not always use the same. As soon as one is over, change the brand, purchase another. The body has a tendency to get used to the effects of cosmetics, and subsequently they no longer bring such a result as at the beginning of use.

    The third stage of cellulite

    The fluid at this stage is already squeezing the arteries. And they are responsible for transporting oxygen to the tissue. The lack of oxygen causes the development of connective tissue in the form of a mesh (the mesh looks like a honeycomb). Remember the white fats in a piece of meat, something similar begins to appear in your body during the development of the third stage of cellulite. The so-called "orange peel" is clearly visible, if you collect the skin in the fold.Cellulite treatment is already complicated, as this connective tissue appeared, attached to muscle and skin. Oh, how difficult it is to lose weight at this stage of cellulite! You can lose weight everywhere except in places with cellulite. Lymphatic drainage is already useless. In no case can not do power massage, which was used earlier, because in the process it breaks capillary veins, nerve endings and arteries. This is an ineffective and painful procedure. At home, get rid of such cellulite is impossible.

    Choose a way to get rid of cellulite:

    1. Electrolipolysis,
    2. Cellulipolysis,
    3. Lipolipolysis,
    4. Ultrasonic method of getting rid of cellulite.

    The fourth stage of cellulite

    Cellulite is very visible at this stage. In these areas, the skin is colder and has a bluish tint. Saunas, diets, lymphatic drainage and even more creams will not help. Fat removal surgery - lipoaspiration (liposuction). But after this procedure, you just need to change your lifestyle, otherwise after a while you are again attacked by cellulite.

    Get rid of cellulite

    How to get rid of cellulite at home? Consider the general recommendations that everyone can perform at home:

    1. Anti-cellulite cream from the pharmacy. In the morning and in the evening for 20 minutes you are actively rubbing the cream with a massage. Disadvantages: very expensive, inefficient already at the second stage, you can start lazing and all efforts will go to ashes. But pump your arm muscles.
    2. Sport. How to get rid of cellulite? Exercises - your best assistant. Reheat the muscles: squats, jumping on the toes, rotation of the pelvis, torso, lunges forward legs, walking in place with your knees high. Jump rope and hoop - this is what cellulite is afraid of!
    3. Sex is more than three days a week. Missionary pose when a man is on top, if a woman is actively working with her hips (pelvis). Squeeze the buttocks. The body is transformed and the family becomes stronger!

    And remember about proper nutrition! Be healthy!

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