• How to get pregnant when the uterus is folded?

    Victoria Matyushkina
    Victoria Matyushkina
    December 20, 2011
    How to get pregnant when the uterus is folded?

    Almost every fifth woman is diagnosed with a uterus bend. The first question that arises in this case among women concerns the possibility of conceiving a baby. It is impossible to answer this question, because in one case, the bend of the uterus can lead to infertility, and in the other the diagnosis does not always affect conception.

    Uterus location

    In the body of a healthy woman, the uterus is usually located in the center of the pelvis. The vaginal part of the uterus is facing downwards and posteriorly. The bottom of the uterus is drawn up and anteriorly. Thus, an obtuse angle forms between the body and the cervix. In some cases, due to the anatomical features of a woman, the angle can be turned backwards, to the left or to the right. This arrangement is called the bend of the uterus.

    What causes uterine bend

    Sometimes the bend of the uterus is just an individual feature of the structure of the female body. This feature is acquired throughout life. There are other causes of the bend of the uterus.For example, heavy physical exertion, inflammation of the uterus and its appendages, endometriosis, bowel disease, and constipation. Symptoms of uterine bend can occur either with a very bright bend or with symptoms of inflammatory diseases.

    Symptoms of uterine bend

    Often, women with uterine bend experience pain during intercourse and menstruation, their cycle is irregular, and urination disorder causes many inconveniences. With the onset of pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage. On examination, the doctor finds out if the uterus is fixed, for this he moves it in different directions. The fixed uterus does not move, and when you try to move it, pain arises. This is the first sign of adhesive processes, which may cause problems with conception, and sometimes infertility. Saikas can spread to the fallopian tubes.

    Is it possible to get pregnant

    If the bend is weak and is an anatomical feature of a woman, then problems with conception should not arise. With a strong bend sperm entering the uterus is very difficult, and all the sperm remains in the vagina. When adhesions accompanying the bend of the uterus, the pipes narrow, and sometimes their complete obstruction is formed, this can cause infertility.

    What to do if you have a uterus bend

    If inflammation in the pelvis caused the uterus to bend, they should be cured and prevention should be remembered. In the presence of adhesions in order to contribute to their resorption, you should undergo physical therapy, enzyme therapy, mud therapy and gynecological massage.

    Take time for physical therapy. Perform exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor and abdominals.

    For successful conception is very important posture during sexual intercourse. The most optimal is the knee-elbow position. In this position, the cervix shifts to the center and the chance of sperm entering the cervix increases.

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