• How to get benzene?

    This article focuses on how to get benzene. However, before proceeding with the consideration of this question, let us examine what kind of substance it is and for what purpose it is used.


    Benzene is a bright representative of aromatic hydrocarbons. This substance is a colorless liquid that has a peculiar odor and is not soluble in water. The use of benzene is wide enough. It is used for the production of explosives, plastics, medicines, synthetic fibers, as well as various means to combat harmful insects. Benzene also has excellent preservative properties. So, for example, lingonberry, which has benzoic acid in its composition, is excellently stored for a long time without sugar.

    Getting benzene

    Immediately I would like to note that to get benzene at home is quite difficult, if not more. To obtain this substance, it is necessary to have special laboratory equipment in the arsenal.Now let's talk directly about how to obtain substances.

    1. One of the most important sources used to produce aromatic hydrocarbons are gas and coal tar. These substances are formed, as a rule, during the distillation of petroleum or during the coking of coal. Back in 1922, Russian scientists Kazan and Zelinsky found a way to get benzene from acetylene. They passed acetylene, heated to a temperature of 450 degrees, above ordinary activated carbon. Zelinsky also described how to obtain benzene from cyclohexane, a substance formed during the processing of certain grades of oil. However, after some time, scientists have proved that the production of benzene is possible using other catalysts under milder conditions.
    2. Benzene can also be obtained from hexane. To answer the question of how to get benzene from hexane, it is necessary to produce the so-called aromatization of hexane. In the course of this chemical reaction, hexane molecules are transformed from linear to closed with passing separation of hydrogen atoms. However, for the production of this reaction, it is necessary to create conditions of high temperature (about 600 degrees) and pressure.Also, for the implementation of such a conversion, aluminum or chromium catalysts are used with a thin layer of platinum deposited on them.
    3. However, flavoring hexane is not the only way to get benzene. How to get benzene from methane? Let's see together. Pure methane cannot be obtained from benzene, however, there is a way out of the current situation. Methane can be heated to 1500 degrees, and then cooled sharply to a temperature of 20 degrees. Thus, methane will make acetylene. And then already from acetylene, you can get benzene by the above method.

    So, we figured out how to get benzene.

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