• How to get an extract from the USRR?

    Anna Mikhailova
    Anna Mikhailova
    April 3, 2013
    How to get an extract from the USRR?

    Extract from the USRRP or the Unified State Register of rights to real estate and transactions with it is the only legal way to check the legal purity of real estate during the transaction. In the case when you buy an apartment, you should ask the seller for this statement, and be sure to check that it was given recently. And if you are a seller, then you should be prepared for the fact that you piglets submit this document. That is why it is so important to know how to get an extract from the USRR, since knowledge of this procedure will save you time, which means that the transaction will not be delayed.

    We get a statement of USRR in Rosreestr

    To obtain an extract, you should contact the authority where the rights to this property were registered, namely, the Rosreestr or the Regalia. To do this, you will need to have with you a passport, statement on issuing an extract and money to pay for the service. The average cost of discharge varies from 100 to 300 rubles.To get an extract regarding the company, you will need to pay a little more expensive about 500 - 600 rubles. But, nevertheless, the cost of an extract from the USRR should be clarified in the department of Rosreestr. Within 5 days, Rosreestr must provide you with an extract or give you a motivated refusal, which can be appealed in court. If the USRR is conducted using electronic media, then you must provide an extract within 1 working day.

    We order an extract via the Internet

    Most people do not know that it is possible to get the USRP statement via the Internet. You need to go to where, after downloading the page, on the right you will find the link "Electronic Services of the Federal Registration Service". If you go through it, then online you can view publicly available information about a particular property, for this you need to type the data you know in a special form. To view the information you are interested in, you need to know the conditional or cadastral number of the property or its address. After entering the specified data, you will see the link "Order statement from USRP". After passing through it, you will need to fill out a form in which, in addition to data on the property, you will need to enter your e-mail and passport data. After sending the request to the specified box you will receive a notice of acceptance of the order. In addition, the letter will send you a number to pay for the order, which you can pay for your order through a bank or the Qiwi payment system. As soon as payment confirmation is received, you will receive a notification in the mail about the acceptance of the order to work. As soon as the certificate will be ready, and it takes about 5 working days, after which a letter will be sent to your box stating that your statement is ready. After that, it will only need to pick up. Now you know how and where to get an extract from the USRR, and the transaction will take place as soon as possible.

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