• How to get a visa to Russia?

    For many years, every day thousands of citizens of other countries have come to Russia. And for all the reasons are completely different, some come to work, and since the country is large, there is always work for them. Others, visit Russia for the purpose of rest, for example, Anapa is now quite popular for tourists in the summer. But others are looking for protection in this country. Anyway, entry into Russia should be legal, otherwise problems with the law and migration services cannot be avoided, although there are those who manage to live there for several years completely illegally. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about whether you need a visa to Russia, what types of it exist and what needs to be done in order to get it easily.

    Registration of the guest visa to Russia

    Guest visa to Russia is short-term and is suitable for all citizens of a particular country. But it does not represent an opportunity to work on the territory of the country and it cannot be extended either. It was created for those who received an invitation from relatives or friends in Russia.So, consider in detail the instructions for obtaining this type of visa:

    • You must have a passport or identity document.
    • Specify the type of visa selected.
    • We collect photos, an invitation from a friend or relative, where it is indicated that they will provide you with accommodation during your stay in Russia or a hotel.
    • Find the Russian Embassy in your country and submit documents there for consideration. This can be done remotely through travel agencies accredited by the embassy. But first you need to at least call the embassy and clarify all the details of this method of filing documents.
    • At the embassy we fill out a visa application form. In this case, you will need to pay a visa fee.

    Note that depending on the urgency of the execution you present to the embassy for a visa to Russia, there will be a visa fee. If it is urgent, then the visa will be done for three days, if not - ten days. When they have approved your application, you will be provided with your passport in the indicated place, already with a visa pasted in it. We remind you that if this is a regular visa, then you can only cross the border of Russia twice, if the multivisa is several times larger.

    Registration of a work visa to Russia

    A work visa to Russia makes up some difficulties, but if you do everything in stages, then this procedure will not be a problem. In addition, many already quickly enough to get it. Actually, such a visa is initially drawn up by employers, submitting an application to the Federal Migration Service, where the reasons for attracting foreigners to work are indicated. After that, the employer or company has invitations for foreigners. So, let's proceed to the very instructions for obtaining such a visa:

    Find the consulate of the Russian Federation on the territory of your country and submit such documents for a visa to Russia:

    • An invitation from a company or employer to enter Russia.
    • The original passport.
    • Color photos.
    • A receipt that confirms the payment of visa fees. How much does a visa to Russia cost you will be informed at the consulate of the Russian Federation, but the price will differ depending on whether you are issued a single or multiple entry visa.
    • Health insurance policy.
    • Application form, which you also fill in the consulate of the Russian Federation. All details of this application form will be indicated on the spot.

    Note that visa processing takes about 14 days,but if it is double or multiple entry visas, then it will take more time, but at the same time, you will be able to cross the border of Russia several times. With such a one-time work visa, you can stay in the Russian Federation for no more than 90 days. Immediately, when you arrive in Russia, you will be given an invitation to work in a particular company that sent you an invitation to apply for a visa.

    If you want to invite relatives, namely members of your family, then you no longer need to learn how to apply for a visa to Russia specifically for them, you just need to issue a visa the same as you did yourself initially. Family members include spouses and children who are under the age of eighteen or have reached the specified age but are disabled.

    Now you know all the details of how to get a visa to Russia, without any particular difficulties, which actually consist in the lack of obligatory documents submitted to the consulate of the Russian Federation in the territory of your country.

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