• How to free up system memory

    You will need
    • - A computer;
    • - TuneUp Utilities program.
    As soon as you turn on the computer, the system processes that are necessary for the operation of the operating system are loaded into RAM. Also, immediately after the launch of the program, it is loaded into RAM. But the fact is that together with turning on the computer, programs that the user doesn’t even know about (PC monitoring programs, etc.) can be automatically loaded. Meanwhile, they work and can occupy a large part of the computer's RAM. Disabling them, you can free up system memory.
    For the following steps, you will need the TuneUp Utilities program. Download it from the Internet and install it. Run the application. Wait for the computer scan process to complete. After that you will be taken to the main menu of the program.
    In the main menu, go to the "System Optimization" tab, and then select the "Disable autorun programs" function. In the next window, tick the option "Enable rating programs."A window will appear with a list of programs that start up when the PC is turned on. The bottom section is called “Required startup programs.” Programs from this section do not need to touch, as they ensure the stability and security of your computer.
    You need the top section. Near each program depicted asterisks (criterion of utility). The more of them, so it is more in demand. The maximum possible number of stars is five. Programs that are assigned less than three stars can be disabled. To do this, simply drag the slider next to it to “Autostart off”. Next, close all the TuneUp windows.
    After completing all the steps, restart the computer. After that, the system memory will be freed. If necessary, the program can be returned to autorun in exactly the same way, simply by moving the slider to the “Startup enabled” position.

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