• How to fly in Minecraft?

    If you decide to travel a little in the game Minecraft, you can fly to the moon or into space. Going on a journey is quite simple. In this article we will talk about how to fly in Minecraft to space or to the Moon and what modifications may be needed for this.

    How to fly to Minecraft on the moon

    In the standard version of the game, such a dimension does not exist, that is, the Moon is not inhabited, and it is impossible to get to it. So, in order to carry out a flight to the moon, you must install the mod.

    First, install a NASA workbench and use it to assemble a rocket. After that, prepare a launch pad, install a rocket on it and refuel with the help of a fuel loader. Fuel is produced from petroleum at a refinery. For the flight you need a full tank.

    After that you need to be equipped for travel. In the inventory there will be a new tab with cells for equipment. They need to place a parachute, an oxygen mask, a frequency module, oxygen equipment and two oxygen cylinders.Also, to create a space station you will need tin, iron and aluminum ingots and advanced semiconductor wafer.

    Having loaded the rocket, click on it with the right mouse button and press the F key. The rocket’s inventory will open, into which you can load food, additional oxygen bottles and so on.

    To go on a trip, press the spacebar. There will be a countdown, and in twenty seconds the rocket will take off. After takeoff, the launch site will be destroyed. Then a menu will appear in which you can choose one of three items:

    • "Create a space station";
    • "Go to Earth";
    • "Go to the moon."

    Select the last item and do not forget to hold down the "Space" key when landing, otherwise you will break when landing.

    When walking, traces remain on the surface of the moon that do not disappear. Gravity is also reduced, so you can jump very high. The lunar surface consists of lunar soil. On top of that, there are lots of caves, new mobs and locals living in the villages.

    To return to Earth, take out a rocket and take-off platform from the inventory of the apparatus on which you came along, set up on the lunar surface and go home. Landing will take place with a parachute.

    How to fly to Minecraft in space

    Modification will allow you to go into outer space. First you need to make a portal. A portal to space is built and activated similarly to a portal to the Lower World (four blocks wide, five high; activated by a lighter). Before you go into space, be sure to create a spacesuit (crafted like ordinary armor, only made of wool). It is also not recommended to go on a trip without weapons and food.

    Using the portal, you will fall into outer space. Be careful when exiting, as the platform is rather small and you may accidentally fall to the ground and die.

    In space, the role of aggressive mobs is played by UFOs attacking when approaching a certain distance. After the destruction of a UFO, a drop resembles it, resembling powder, falling out of creepers, but having a lighter shade. Of the three units of this “powder”, you can create sticks, which (together with cosmic powder) are involved in the craft of the space pickaxe. The space pick is necessary for the extraction of ore from asteroids (if you use any other pick, do not expect that if the block is destroyed, mining will fall out).

    If you jump in the open space, you will rise to a great height and will land smoothly, without taking damage in the fall.

    So, feel free to add variety to your game and conquer new territories!

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