• How to find volume through mass?

    Lyudmila Kolyagina
    Lyudmila Kolyagina
    February 28, 2013
    How to find volume through mass?

    In the nature around us, mass is interconnected with volume (we mean exact sciences). Absolutely any body has both mass and volume. Mass is the weight of the body, that is, its size, and the volume of the body is its actual size. And thanks to these two parameters, we can calculate either mass or volume. So how to find volume through mass? Read about it below.

    First formula

    It should be noted that the rules below are suitable for both physics and chemistry.

    The most elementary possibility of finding the desired volume is to use density. That is, we divide our mass by the available volume. Here is the formula: ρ = m / V. From this it follows that the required volume is: V = m / ρ.

    Remember that the mass of different substances in the formula can be equal, even if the substances are not the same, but the volume will always be different, as well as their density.

    Second formula

    The science of chemistry has an example (model) of an ideal gas: per mole with volume (this molar volume is always constant). The formula is as follows: V = 22.4 mol per liter.The presented gas always has this volume at pressure and temperature (they are constant). If we consider this question from the side of the science of physics, then it (volume) can change. Here are the suitable formulas: V m - the molar volume is equal to Vb - the volume of the gas portion divided by n в - the amount of substance. (Vм = Vв / nв). And the amount of the substance itself is calculated by the formula for dividing the mass of the desired substance by the molar mass (nв = mв / Мв). From this it follows that: Vв = Vм * mв / Mв.

    Third formula

    When the concept of the substance itself is given in the task given to you, you can easily express the required volume according to the formula: c = n / V = ​​m / M / V. In this formula, M is the mass of a substance (molar).

    We hope that helped you, dear readers, to understand how to find the volume, knowing the mass of the substance provided. We wish you success in chemistry and physics.

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