• How to find the paint number?

    Alexander Bobyr
    Alexander Bobyr
    January 28, 2013
    How to find the paint number?

    If you bought a new car from official dealers and do not know how to find out the paint number of the car, then we will tell you: on the inside in the trunk, or a sheet with the paint number must be attached to the door. For example, the snow queen, paint 690. Another exact body color must be indicated in the certificate for registration of the car and in the warranty card.

    But, the problem is that the data can be different. For example, on a piece of paper it is written that the color is the snow queen, and in the certificate - metallic. There are plans for painting cars, in which there are exact numbers of colors and all the colors of cars issued in the given month are shown.

    For example, on the site you can find the number of paint by, and the perfect color palette of all possible colors can be found on the page -. Compare the color data with your car and select the appropriate number. The classification provided is considered universal for all companies, but for some foreign cars, for example “Chevrolet”, codes consisting of 3 Latin letters are used.You can find out a clear indication of the colors on the official website.

    In the event that you did not understand how to find out the paint number or you don’t want to trust the color rendition of the monitor, take the fuel tank cap from your car and contact the car service center, experts from the catalog will indicate you the exact paint number suitable for your car.

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