• How to find out the wifi password from the neighbors?

    You want to go to the Internet using the neighboring wireless networks, but you can’t do this because they are password protected. Do not be upset, because there are several methods for how to find out the wifi password from neighbors.

    Password for computer

    1. Extract information from the packet information of the router. To successfully intercept packets of information, you will need to use specialized utilities. After downloading, they need to be installed, familiarize themselves with the detailed instructions and start intercepting neighboring wi-fi routers. In the future, the application will provide an opportunity to decrypt the received information and highlight in them what you need so much - a password.
    2. . This is one of the most simple methods. However, its effectiveness is quite low. The program "Brutfors" banally sorts through passwords from its own list. It will automatically enter the available combinations of numbers and symbols as long as it does not find a match. This utility is very popular among ordinary Internet users,who do not understand programming and the intricacies of hacking. It should be noted that its functionality is quite serious. You can use this program both to find out the password for your wi-fi neighbor, and to hack accounts on various portals on the network. All that is required of you is to download and install the utility, specify the necessary network and wait. The program itself, without the help of the user will begin to sort passwords. However, this method is considered practically unpredictable, since the password can be picked up in a couple of minutes or in a few weeks.
    3. Manual brute force. It is worth noting that this method is quite working. The fact is that many users do not pay enough attention to choosing a good password. That is why they use primitive combinations (for example, "qwertyui" or "12345678"). If you do not want to connect and pay for the Internet, then just open the list of available wi-fi networks and start guessing. No need to think that your neighbors are brilliant people. They are ordinary users, so they often put passwords that are easy to remember. As practice shows, the more around the available wi-fi networks, the higher the chances to find the one where the elementary password will be used.
    4. Learn personally.If you have access to a personal computer of a neighbor connected to a wi-fi router, then you can easily find out the desired password. To do this, go to the control panel, find the “Wireless Networks” menu and study the properties of the available network. Then you need to tick "show password". If you do this, then all the "asterisks" of the password will become numbers or letters. Remember or rewrite your password and feel free to go to your own laptop to enjoy excellent speed. In addition, the password can be simply purchased from a neighbor or you can agree on a total monthly payment for the tariff.

    Password for mobile device

    If you have a mobile phone or tablet on which the Android operating system is installed, then you can also connect to someone else’s Internet.

    In order to find out the neighbor's wifi password, you need to use one of the available utilities. One of the most popular and functional is considered to be:

    1. Turn on Wi-Fi on a device that supports the Android operating system. This can be done through the application. Launch Wi-Fi Unlocker and click “HackWi-Fikey”. In the future, on your gadget in the automatic mode, the Wi-Fi module will be launched.
    2. Choose an available closed network.Then you need to carry out a thorough scan of networks that are located in the radius of the module. Please note that it is recommended to choose a closed network that is characterized by the best signal.
    3. Pick up the key and connect to the neighbor's Wi-Fi. After scanning (in most cases, this procedure takes only a couple of minutes), the utility will automatically find the weak points of the specific network, find the optimal key and connect.

    This program has an intuitive interface and excellent functionality. Anyone will be able to deal with it.

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