• How to find out which iPhone?

    Vladimir Kulinich
    Vladimir Kulinich
    February 27, 2013
    How to find out which iPhone?

    One of the signs by which you can recognize the iPhone is the model number on the back of the device. They are:

    • iPhone 5. Model Number:
      • A1429 - CDMA and GSM model;
      • A1428 - GSM model;
      • A1442 is a CDMA model, China.
    • iPhone 4S. Model number:
      • A1387;
      • 1431 - GSM model, China.
    • iPhone 4. Model Number:
      • A1332 - GSM model;
      • A1349 on iPhone 4 (CDMA model).
    • iPhone 3GS. Model number:
      • A1303;
      • A1325 model of China.
    • iPhone 3G. Model number:
    • A1241;
    • A1324 is a model of China.
    • iPhone. Model number:
    • A1203.

    You can also do this:

    • Enter the "Settings" of the device;
    • Select “Basic”, then “About device”.

    Here you will see both the iPhone model, and the version of its firmware (software) and the amount of free space on the device.

    You can verify the authenticity of your device by clicking on the link to the specially designed service.

    You can find out which country the iPhone is on our website.

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