• How to find out which DirectX?

    Marina Fedotova
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    How to find out which DirectX?

    Experienced users know that DirectX is a very important utility that is installed on your computer. As games develop, programs that use visualization also develop DirectX. So what is DirectX? This is a special technology (multimedia), which is used most often in computer games. The lack of DirectX installed on your computer may result in the game not launching.

    Frequently asked question by users, mostly inexperienced, who encountered an error that pops up when the game starts and informs us about updating the �dll� libraries: how to find out which DirectX is installed on the computer? This is not difficult to do, for this you need to call the "Start" and in the input field enter the command "dxdiag". After entering the label of this program. Going into it, you will see information about your system and the last item will be exactly the version of your DirectX (for example, DirectX11, which is still final). Also in this dxdiag window, you can view the version of the latest installed drivers for your video card.

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