• How to find out a complete set by VIN?

    Lyudmila Kolyagina
    Lyudmila Kolyagina
    March 5, 2013
    How to find out a complete set by VIN?

    The identification code of the car in other words is called - VIN. This difficult, but important combination that consists of seventeen numerical and alphabetic characters. This is a unique number that protects your car. This is the number one of its kind and is assigned to the factory that made the car. If you decipher this code, you can find out the type of car, the country where it was collected, the year of production of the car. But how to find out a complete set by VIN? For this you have to spend some time.

    Step-by-step instruction

    There is a practice that some auctions for selling cars on the Internet suggest moving from their sites to forums or other services that check the VIN-code of foreign cars. What is the principle of verification? This principle is that for each brand of car form a certain base. And these bases are completed according to the scheme: check, hijacking, machine equipment. Therefore, we recommend using modern sites that regularly update their databases.

    We offer you one of the sites where you can find a good base for car VIN codes -. As soon as the page loads, select Russian (or another convenient for you). This is an icon with the image of our flag. How is the equipment on the VIN-code? Next, in the window that appears on the site, you need to select the inscription "VIN + equipment" on the left. Then, if you want to get information about your car, you need to select the line "Full Report" (Full Report).

    Only now you need to type the cherished symbols from the technical passport of your car. Make sure you do not press Caps Lock. All letters must be uppercase, in English. After that, request your report by clicking on the line "Get the report."


    After the work you have done, you will receive your report in the next window. You either save it or print it out on your printer. We hope we helped you find out how the vehicle equipment is located by VIN-code.

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