• How to find out the debt in Rostelecom?

    August 2, 2014
    How to find out the debt in Rostelecom?

    Nowadays, most people use mobile phones for telephony. But the stationary phones installed in our home have not been canceled by anyone and they are still used, though not as often as before.

    All communication services require payment. As a rule, telephone conversations on stationary telephones are serviced by Rostelecom and are paid on the fact of spending the funds, that is, they said 300 rubles per month, the next month they received a receipt and paid them for it. But it may happen that the receipt is lost, then the question arises how to find out the debt in Rostelecom?

    Help by phone

    Muscovites can get information about the amount that must be paid for telecommunication services in Rostelecom by calling 8 (495) 727-49-77 free of charge and around the clock.

    Residents of other regions have the opportunity to find out the reference phone on the Rostelecom website in the section. At the top right of the page, specify your city.Among the list of contacts, find the phone number in front of which it is written: "Help for payments for communication services" or similar wording.

    We learn via the Internet

    To find out the phone debt from Rostelecom right now via the Internet, you need to log in and go through authorization. If you have not registered yet, click the "Register" button and follow the instructions.

    To find out the state of the phone’s account, it must be attached to your personal account, to do this, answer the question in your personal account: “Do you already use Rostelecom services?”. Click on "Yes, and I want to manage the services in the Dashboard." Follow the instructions. In the future, at any time you will be able to recognize the debt to Rostelecom in a matter of minutes.

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