• How to find the words of the songs?

    August 31, 2014
    How to find the words of the songs?

    Music was appreciated at all times. The words of songs are sung at festive feasts, shouting in clubs, people of different generations singing to themselves. But often the favorite song can not be remembered immediately. Then we think about how to find the words of songs on the Internet. Let's see what online resources can help us with this.

    A selection of sites where to find the lyrics

    Of course, you can enter in the search engine (Yandex, Google and others) an excerpt from the musical composition and the phrase "text of the song", and you will see hundreds of links to sites with the lyrics of this song. And we offer you to immediately go to the following Internet resources. They have the most complete base of Russian and foreign lyrics.

    • . The largest database of lyrics as domestic artists, and foreign. Here you can find the chords of some compositions, and translations of foreign texts. Click on the site button "AZ" in the upper right, select the artist or start typing his name in the search bar.
    • . Also quite popular resource to find the words of songs.You will find here even the newest hits. Use the search bar on the site.
    • . Awesome search engine lyrics of various genres. Popular novelties of the musical world, good old songs - everything is here.

    If you are looking for an excerpt from a song, read our article How to find a song by words.

    How to find the words from the song "Vkontakte"

    In the social network "Vkontakte" users listen to music through the "My Audio". Many songs on this site include the entire text of the song. You must hover the mouse over the name of the song. If after that it is highlighted by underscore, then the words of the song are present. If the title remains inactive, there will be no underscore, then the lyrics are not here. So, clicking on the name, you see the words of the selected composition.

    Please note that in some audio recordings, instead of the text of the song, advertisements of various social network groups are published, which are devoted to such hits. In this case, find the same songs added by other users in the search for audio recordings, perhaps there will be words from the song you like.

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