• How to find an apartment in 2017

    You will need
    • Mass media (newspapers, magazines, running line on television), Internet, real estate agencies, good acquaintances.
    Having decided on how the apartment search will take place, it is worthwhile to embark on action. To do this, you should spend a part of your free time, which is needed: firstly, to make a selection of suitable options, secondly, to check them for relevance, that is, to ring up and arrange a personal meeting, thirdly, to examine each suitable option. It may happen that the search will take a lot of time, but you should not settle for a more or less suitable option. The fact is that if the apartment is not satisfied for some reason (for example, it requires major repairs, is located on the upper floors, and there is no elevator in the house, etc.), then it is best to wait until you find the option that satisfied completely.
    Some apartment owners post ads for the sale, rental of apartments on specialized sites, forums.After all suitable options have been selected and meetings have been made, you should carefully prepare yourself to inspect the apartments carefully, not forgetting the area and the entrance to the house.
    Personal meeting plays one of the most important role in finding an apartment. It is possible to personally see the condition of the apartment, what is in it from the furniture (if the search is connected with rent), the entrance, what kind of people you meet at the house.
    Do not be afraid to open taps, inspect the walls, ceiling, windows and rooms in general. Otherwise, if any problems arise (the roof leaks, there is no hot water in the kitchen, frames in the cracks), it will be extremely difficult to prove that they already took place before being settled.
    Only after a complete inspection can you start talking about the price and bargain, naturally reasonable and reasonable. If there are claims, you need to express them clearly and boldly.
    If the apartment does not suit you, it’s worth giving an answer right away, don’t pull or encourage the owner of the apartment and continue the search.
    When the necessary apartment is found, it is worth discussing the legal side of the issue.Drawing up a contract today is very common. It can also serve as protection from an unfair seller or lessor. The main thing in this matter is correct and clear wording of the text, a detailed description of all the conditions. If the apartment is rented with furniture, then it is necessary to describe not only its quantity, but also the condition, the existing defects.
    Offer from our partner
    It should be careful with those real estate agencies that do not offer to enter into a contract, and work in one-time areas (that is, you have to pay for each new phone number of a potential seller or landlord separately).
    If you plan to rent an apartment, and the owner tries to avoid a personal meeting, seeks to get a deposit several months in advance without giving you a receipt or contract, then you should refuse and no longer get involved with such dubious personalities, because there is a risk of being left with nothing.
    Helpful advice
    In order to quickly find an apartment it is worth contacting a real estate agency and at the same time continue to search independently.Here you can offer to monitor Internet sites, self-posting ads.
    Inspect the apartment is best during the day.

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