• How to find a song from the radio?

    Olga Bespalova
    Olga Bespalova
    September 19, 2014
    How to find a song from the radio?

    Radio is a source of good music for many. But in those cases when the tracks on the radio are replaced one by one, it is impossible to find the name of the composition you like. What to do to find a song that sounded on the radio?

    1. Send sms.

    This service is provided by many radio stations - MAXIMUM, Radius, Radio Relax, New Radio. All you need is to send an SMS while the song is being played to a short number and get an answer with the name of the artist and the name of the song. Short numbers can be found on the official sites of radio stations.

    2. Search the Internet.

    If you know the approximate time when the song you liked played, use one of the many services of radio playlists (for example). These services contain lists of songs that play on popular radio stations. And it doesn't matter if the composition you liked played yesterday or the day before: tracklists on such sites have been stored for years.

    View these lists of songs can be on the official sites of radio stations. More information about this article tells What was playing on the radio.

    3Take advantage of special programs.

    What if you want to find a song that played on the radio, and you don’t remember exactly when it sounded? It's not scary - unless, of course, the melody comes out of your head or you remember at least its passage. There are lots of programs that “identify” songs by tune - for example, Tunatic.

    All you need is to download a program, install it, and then either sing a melody or play it (in case you listen to the radio from a mobile phone or other portable device).

    If you do not want to download the program, you can use the Midomi online service that works on the same principle. You can also find a song on the radio if you can hear it on the street: this will help you with the Shazam mobile app available for iPhone and Android phones.

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