• How to find a common language with people?

    The ability to find a common language with people is sometimes necessary for each of us. This ability can be useful in work, in personal life and even in an extreme situation. However, how to find a common language with people, and especially in those situations where many people sometimes do not want to make contact?

    1. Even if you are sure that you can find a common language with a specific person or even become his friend, do not ask for it as a friend.
    2. Concentrate on the person you are chatting with. Try to understand his motives, thoughts. You need to determine what he thinks about and what he aspires to.
    3. Do not be afraid to meet first. Pay attention to how easy children sometimes meet. Take the initiative in your own hands if you see that the person is ready to communicate. Start a conversation on any popular topic that may be of interest to him (study, work, sports, cars) and just chat.
    4. Do not forget to listen to the interlocutor. You should express your thoughts about certain things, but you should not forget to listen, especially not to argue, and therefore it is better not to start talking on topics that can provoke a dispute (for example, politics or religion).
    5. Do not criticize the interlocutor. Even if you notice its flaws, remember that no one is perfect. Moreover, even if the thought of some particular minus of your new acquaintance flashed through your head, it is better to immediately drop it and concentrate on the merits of a person.
    6. Finally, do not forget about yourself. You probably have a lot in common with your friends, you only need to "grasp the thread." The main thing is for you to feel that this person is ready to communicate with you. If not, then it is better not to lick, it is quite possible that a little later, your friends themselves will go to communicate. Just give them time.

    How to find a common language with the mother in law?

    Very often there are cases when two beloved and loving women begin to divide one man. Moreover, their roles are completely different. One of them is mother, the second is wife. The constant struggle between the daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law seems as endless as the struggle between children and fathers. It does not make sense at all, as it can only destroy families, break fates and leave people alone. Is it possible to find a common language between the daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law? Can.Consider some of the most common problems in their relationship and give their solution.

    1. Very often, the wife does not want to share her husband with his mother. Many women believe that after marriage, or even before it, after a certain time has passed, a man should be placed in full custody by his wife. However, it should be remembered that a mother will always remain a mother. Therefore, do not prohibit a man to communicate with her as much as he wants.
    2. If you already have children, then you should not forbid your mother-in-law to see them. On the contrary, often leave your grandmother with her grandchildren. And she will be glad, and you will have more time.
    3. No need to start a dispute or conflict in the event that a man decided to spend the weekend with his mother. Maybe she needs his help, maybe she just wants to see him. The best way out in this situation will be to spend the weekend all together.
    4. If you do not have much sympathy for your sverkorovi, try to still understand her as a person, find points of contact and make friends with her. Treat her well, help with the housework, communicate with her. Perhaps the mother-in-law will make contact, and you will build a good relationship.

    How to find a common language with his wife's parents?

    Having considered the problems of relationships with the mother-in-law and their solution, it is impossible not to mention how to find a common language with his wife's parents. After all, if a woman usually encounters only her husband's mother, then a man more often has to find a common language with both parents of his wife, as they always pay close attention to him.

    1. At meetings, be smiling, courteous, respond to jokes with jokes. If you are invited to dinner or have dinner together, then at first acquaintance do not rush to refuse, because you want to know better. Try to make time for joint lunches and dinners.
    2. Respond calmly to reproaches and criticism from parents, because there is nothing wrong with criticizing you. If the criticism is objective, listen, if not, you can just laugh it off or calmly prove your point.
    3. Ask about your wife's parents hobbies. It will be great if you give them gifts that match their tastes.
    4. It is best to know in advance what topics your wife’s parents like to talk about and which ones don’t. Try to avoid conflicting topics such as talking about politics, religion, war, and conquest.
    5. Feel free to shine with knowledge or show that you do not know or do not know how. At the same time, never arrogantly and do not put yourself in a foolish position.

    How to find a common language with a younger brother?

    Usually difficulties in communicating with younger brothers are in cases where the latter are still teenagers. In fact, finding a common language with many of them is not difficult.

    1. For a start, it will be useful to learn about the interests of your brother, try to understand them. Even if you fail to feel his hobbies, you cannot criticize them only if they are not dangerous for him.
    2. In no case do not complain to your brother parents, do not constantly blame him.
    3. Try to contact your brother more often for advice. It will surely flatter him.
    4. Needless to say, you need to spend more time with your brother. Surely you can find common interests, you can watch interesting films for him, play games together, play sports. Surely your brother can teach you a lot, and you can teach him!

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