• How to edit a pdf document?

    Yuri Belousikov
    Yuri Belousikov
    January 21, 2013
    How to edit a pdf document?

    The standard tools of Adobe Acrobat do not provide for editing pdf documents, but additional programs help to correct the situation, because such documents often need to be edited: edit the text, change fragments, etc. In the article I will give you one of these editors: you will learn how to edit a pdf document using the Foxit PDF Editor program. In general, it should be noted, Foxit tools are easy to use and have amazing utility for PC users.

    How to edit pdf document with Foxit PDF Editor

    First, let's download and install this wonderful program. You can download it here. Installation is simply following the instructions of the installer. By default, this will be the “Program Files” folder, but the directory can also be set manually. You can also download the program from the developer’s website, but in this case it will be free to use it only for 30 days. Now open the pdf-document by clicking on File - Open.As soon as you add the pdf file, you will notice that the program interface has changed - now the toolbar and the navigation menu have become available. This mode allows us to do almost anything with the document. If you wish, you can change, delete or add text and images here. And you can add pages, edit bookmarks. However, the main "chip" of this editor you will see by double clicking on the edited page.

    Working with Images in Foxit PDF Editor

    After double-clicking with the left mouse button you will be taken to the image editing menu. If you have ever worked with Adobe Photoshop, you will see a familiar interface, and you will immediately understand what to do. If not, then the process of mastering these functions will give you a lot of pleasant and interesting minutes. In addition, in Foxit PDF Editor, there are tools available for working with vector graphics, which you will find on the toolbar of the editing window. If you want to save the results of work with the document, select the Save or Save as menu item. In the first case, the program will replace the original file with a new one, and in the second you can set a new address for the file if you want to keep the original one.If you do not want to apply changes to the document, select the Close Image Editor option - and the program will simply close without affecting the original file. So, now you know how to edit a pdf-document and images in it with the help of a special program. It should also be noted that there are a lot of other programs for working with pdf files on the Internet, but they are so similar to each other that you can easily use them after trying Foxit PDF Editor - the most stable of the existing programs of this kind.

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