• How to eat borscht?

    Sergey Nikolaev
    Sergey Nikolaev
    June 6, 2014
    How to eat borscht?

    Borsch is one of the most popular first courses among Slavic peoples, especially Ukrainians. But is everyone eating it right? > How is borscht and with what to combine it? What dishes and what time to choose to receive this dish, and in what cases it can and should be eaten cold? Now we find out the answers to these questions.

    How to eat borscht: dishes, etiquette, heating

    Fat meat soup is usually served for lunch as a first course in deep plates and is eaten hot. Till borscht you can eat only light salad. At the same time, according to etiquette, scoop the borsch with a spoon to be taken in small portions from oneself, and then carefully bring it to the mouth itself, without leaning to the plate. There are many recipes for cooking borscht, but it is important to remember that if a dish was prepared the day before, it is advisable not to heat it up completely, but to pour the required portion into a smaller pan so that it does not undergo heat treatment that destroys useful substances. In addition, with this approach, the remaining borscht is less likely to sour, because it can be immediately returned to the refrigerator.

    What to add to the soup?

    Most often, immediately before use, sour cream, greens, such as parsley, celery, dill, and also finely chopped garlic are added to this dish. Not bad add to soup and small crackers. Greens, garlic, green or onions are also suitable. A pod of hot or sweet pepper can be eaten with a borscht, which also goes well with fresh black bread. A piece of bacon or bacon is often put on the bread, or lightly fried and rubbed with garlic. But you can eat borsch with donuts, poured garlic, buckwheat dumplings or meat ears.

    Meat to borscht

    Meat snacks are generally great for borscht. In addition to directly a piece of meat or a rib, used in the preparation of the dish itself, it can be sliced ​​hot sausages or ham, pieces of boiled or smoked bacon. Many people prefer a glass of cold vodka to borscht.

    Cold soup

    Lean or vegetarian borscht, which is cooked without meat, in principle, you can eat cold, because there is no need to melt the fat droplets. However, for cold consumption is more suitable borscht based on kefir, the so-called holodnik or beetroot soup. It is usually prepared in spring and summer, especially in hot weather.In addition, at this time a lot of fresh onions, dill, greens, cucumbers, radishes and other vegetables, which are used in the preparation of cold borscht. When the cooler cools down, it is best to additionally cool it in the refrigerator or cellar. There is a soup in this case, you can with bread or boiled potatoes, and before use add chopped boiled eggs to it.

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