• How to dry onions?

    Ksenia Gaynulina
    Ksenia Gaynulina
    March 25, 2015
    How to dry onions?

    Ripe bulbs that are in a state of physiological rest can be stored throughout the winter, but only under certain conditions, which will be discussed in this article.

    So, how to dry onions?

    Methods of drying onions

    Store onions in two ways. The first is the storage of whole onions, the second is the drying of chopped onions. One of the conditions for proper storage of onions is proper harvesting. Undermining onions should be only in a dry sunny day. Do not throw or knock the bulbs on the ground to avoid injury.

    • So, in order to preserve the bulbs for a long time, they must first be dried in the sun. To do this, lay the onion on dry ground or canvas. Let it lie in the sun to such an extent until the top layer of the husk is completely dry. After that, the bulbs can be removed in a dark and cool room. It is convenient to store it in old nylon stockings or tights, bags or buckets.
    • To get onion seasoning, you will need to cut the onion into rings 3-4 mm thick. After that, dry in the oven at a temperature of 50-60 degrees for 5-6 hours.It is worth considering that when drying onions in the oven there will be a strong and persistent smell, therefore, it is better to carry out this procedure in ventilated rooms.

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