• How to draw Khokhloma?

    Elina Huzina
    Elina Huzina
    April 3, 2013
    How to draw Khokhloma?

    Now you will not meet people who are indifferent to Russian decorative and applied art. Handicrafts and household utensils, painted by hand by craftsmen, always attract attention with their beauty and originality. Among the many types of folk paintings, always attracts the attention of products that look gilded, although in fact, this is the usual wooden utensils. Bowls, dippers, spoons - like gold! Bright, festive, unique ... Yes, this is Khokhloma - patterns ... People invented a long time how to draw the Khokhloma painting.

    Khokhloma is a unique, ancient kind of folk art that appeared more than three centuries ago. Products painted "for Khokhloma" are highly valued not only in Russia, but also abroad. The fishery got its name from the village of Khokhloma. It was a shopping center of the Nizhny Novgorod region, the master brought here their products for sale.

    A feature of this painting is that the products look like gilded, although gold is not involved in their production.The wooden blank is covered with clay, ground with linseed oil, covered with aluminum powder, which gives the product a silver color. Then the finished blank is painted and varnished several times. Pleasant and elegant golden color and gives painted objects lacquer, which under the influence of high temperatures turns silver color into golden. There are two techniques for performing the Khokhloma painting:

    • "Horse"
    • "On the background"

    They also distinguish “Kudrin” - a painting that is characterized by the pomp of a pattern with intricate golden curls that look like curls. “Horse” painting is applied on a silver background in red and black. A feature of the painting "under the background" is the drawing of the outline of a large golden pattern, then painting the background in red or black, and then making a smaller pattern over the background. The master applies the painting immediately, without preliminary marking, by hand. They use three primary colors: red, black and gold. Among the main ornaments there are “weed”, elements “under the leaf”, “under the berry”. “Grass” is a type of painting that includes images of large and small blades of grass, twigs.The "leaflet" ornament consists of oval leaves, "under the berry" - located around the stem of the berries.

    While admiring the smooth lines of blades of grass and twigs, immediately there is a desire to master the skills to paint evenly and beautifully with an ornament dosochki, spoons and dippers. How to draw Khokhloma, clearly show. It will also be interesting to get acquainted with the step-by-step execution of the board, painted with Khokhloma painting, you can see.

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