• How to draw in boxes?

    Andrey Kim
    Andrey Kim
    October 1, 2014
    How to draw in boxes?

    It is often recommended for children to draw in boxes at first, but it is not a shame for an adult to use this technique. In this article we will deal with how to draw different pictures in the cells.

    All we need is a sheet in a cage or a notebook (depending on how strong your thirst for creativity is in you), as well as a pencil, eraser and drawings from which you will be redrawing.

    Simple steps

    1. Take the interesting picture. You can start with something very simple, even with a geometric shape, the main thing is to grab the technique.How to draw in boxes
    2. We draw a picture with a cage. The cells should be the same size as your drawing notebook. By the way, it is better to buy a notebook with wide cells (these are usually bought for primary schoolchildren).
    3. Now we begin to reproduce the elements of the pattern in the cellular way - that is, you do not need to immediately draw a circle, but only its small arc, then on another cell, its continuation and so on.

    That's the whole scheme.When you learn the technique and understand that it suits you, you can take on more complex tasks. You can also search the Internet and other ways to draw for beginners. The method of geometric figures is widely known, when each figure is previously divided into simple geometric figures and lines, and at first they are drawn clearly with the help of rulers and compasses, and then linesHow to draw in boxes?made smoother and added small parts.

    As a rule, highly impatient people do not like the process of drawing into cells because of the need to divide the pattern into cells, and they quickly abandon the learning process.

    But just for such people today created a special notebook for drawing in the cells. At the top of the sheet of such notebooks, the finished drawing is depicted, at the bottom, there is a place for your drawing, that is, the need to pre-draw in the cage the drawing you wish to draw disappears. A big plus of such notebooks is their sorting by complexity: on the first pages you will find simple figures, then - more complicated, and as a result you can draw, say, a horse or even a knight in armor.

    We hope you will succeed! Good luck!

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