• How to draw Baba Yaga?

    Irina Gromyak
    Irina Gromyak
    March 14, 2013
    How to draw Baba Yaga?

    Childhood is always associated with a fairy tale and fairy tale characters. Very often we want to create such heroes with our own hands. For example, not everyone knows how to draw Baba Yagu, but some tips can be found in our article. It all depends on your imagination and desire.

    Imagine your fabulous hero

    First you need to think and present this character. We draw a circle for the head, with lines we will designate that place where Baba Yagi will have a hat. Then draw a neck that goes into the body. At the bottom of our picture you can draw a stupa in which our heroine flies or just a long skirt, and between her legs is a broomstick.

    The next step of our drawing is drawing the hat, as well as the contours of the face. Baba Yaga should have a big and humped nose, big eyes and a sharp chin.

    If you have already finished with a hat, then proceed to the hair and eyebrows. Baba Yaga's hair should be disheveled, her eyebrows thick. Then we draw the torso. It is in Baba thin, bony hands. Legs in old shoes should peek out from under her clothes.If you decide to Baba Yaga to draw in a mortar, then draw it as if it is hidden to the waist in it, and a broom sticks out of the stupa.

    Now we will pay special attention to the face of our Baba. Here we must show that she has two teeth sticking out of her mouth. On the cheek you need to draw a line that shows that Baba’s face is thin, show wrinkles.

    Finishing touches

    On the clothes and hat show the folds, you need to show that the clothes are shabby and old. Finish the broomstick: bottom of the stick, and at the top of the branch. We have described how to draw Baba Yaga in stages, and now it needs to be painted. Choose colors for dark tones, mainly brown and black tones are suitable for this character. Even Baba can be given a bit of “modernity”, that is, you can tie a bright scarf around your neck or pin a bright flower or brooch in your hat, then your character will be more stylish.

    How to draw Baba Yaga

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