• How to draw a valentine on paper

    The story of the appearance of valentines goes back centuries, but despite its solid age, this tradition is relevant to this day. Every year, millions of different romantic postcards are printed for every taste and color. But in some cases, the printing industry is not able to catch and convey the warmth of the senses, and then the visual arts comes to the rescue. To draw a valentine on paper is easier than it might seem at first glance, and today we will prove it to you.

    We draw a valentine on paper

    Tools and materials

    If you have at least a minimum of artistic skills and know how to hold a pencil in your hand, coping with the valentine is not difficult. First, we will deal with the main forms of cards.

    Postcards for February 14 can be of the following forms:

    • square;
    • rectangle;
    • a heart;
    • a circle;
    • openwork edges.

    The quality of the paper also plays a big role. Go to the shop of art merchandise and buy thick paper with the structure you like. It can be a monochromatic granular surface or glossy smooth material. The only condition is the compatibility of the material and colors with which you will draw the valentine.

    We draw a valentine on paper

    For beginners, gouache or acrylic paints are best. In some cases, you can do with colored pencils or felt-tip pens.

    Drawing with our own hands

    When all materials are ready, it remains only to put a picture. As a rule, the image on valentines is only a frame or illustration to a verbal greeting. Therefore, you first need to write the cherished words, and then arrange them graphically.

    Valentine's Day, like any other holiday, is characterized by its own symbolism. So, if snowflakes, Santa Claus and snowmen are relevant for the New Year, then on February 14th everywhere you can see roses, hearts and cupids. Use these images in your card (there is an article on our website about how to draw Cupid).

    We draw a valentine on paper

    How to draw a valentine on paper if there is no artistic data at all? In this situation will help savvy and technical progress. Find any drawing you like in black and white, print it on paper at the right scale and paint on the contours!

    If there is no printer at hand, you can simply attach a thin paper to the monitor and circle a drawing with a simple pencil.As you can see, to draw a valentine to the disgrace is simple, so do not despair if nature has not rewarded you with creative abilities.

    We draw a valentine on paper

    Useful Tricks

    In a romantic postcard on Valentine's Day, it is not the drawing that is important, but the message that you want to convey to a dear person. The image is only one of the design options. One, but not the only one. And what if you replace the drawing with a simple ethnic ornament or appliqué? Cover thick paper with sequins, sequins, buttons or any other decorative elements, and your other half will understand that you are sincere in your feelings.

    We draw a valentine on paper

    Hand-made valentines clearly prove that not only time was spent to create them. When you make a gift yourself, you concentrate the positive energy, thinking about who you hand it to. Thus, together with a gift, you give a piece of your own soul, and a more valuable gift in the world simply does not exist.

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