• How to draw a cactus?

    January 12, 2015
    How to draw a cactus?

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    How to draw a cactus?

    Cactus - a plant that grows mainly in arid areas of the desert, deserts. That is why cacti instead of leaves spikes - they protect the plant from excessive evaporation of moisture. When drawing a cactus, you need to take this moment into account, and the cactus will turn out to be realistic. Consider step by step how to draw a home cactus in a pot.

    We draw a cactus

    1. On a sheet of paper depict an elongated oval, tapering downwards. This is the trunk of a cactus. It should resemble a small cucumber.
    2. On the trunk should be runaways. We draw the same "cucumbers" on both sidescactuscactus (2 or 3 will be enough). In addition, for greater realism, you can portray tiny shoots on the shoots themselves.
    3. On the trunk and sprouts we outline vertical lines - ridges.
    4. We depict spines with small strokes of different sizes (not only along the contour of a cactus, but also along the lines of ridges). They should be sent in different directions.
    5. Cactus should grow in the ground. We draw a pot under the barrel - it can be of any shape. Classic - in the form of a small bucket - a cylinder with a rim, narrowed at the bottom.
    6. Let's color our drawing: cactus - green and all its shades, earth in a pot - black and brown, and the pot itself - in any color we want.

    Cacti come in different shapes, we considered the most common. You can draw a round cactus with bunches of spines directed in different directions and a delicate pink flower with four wavy petals. And you can portray a long thin cactus with thick blunt spines and horizontal ridges.

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