• How to download music from "Classmates"?

    Evgeny Lukashenko
    Evgeny Lukashenko
    June 7, 2012
    How to download music from "Classmates"?

    Not so long ago, or more precisely since 2011, the Odnoklassniki social network has expanded its functionality. Now you can upload your music to the page or use the search for other files and add your favorite ones. This, of course, is wonderful, but we are interested in something else: how to download music from Odnoklassniki? The answer will give our article.

    Downloading music from Odnoklassniki

    How to download free music from Odnoklassniki? First we consider the option of downloading music through Odnoklassniki using Mozilla Firefox browser. Yes, we draw your attention to the fact that downloading music from Odnoklassniki Opera, for example, will not allow: there is no technical possibility, this method is suitable only for Mozilla users.

    There is a specialized program to download music from Odnoklassniki is not difficult. Well, to be more literal, it’s not a program at all, but a special plugin, a browser add-on designed to intercept buffered data.

    Instructions on how to download music from Odnoklassniki

    1. Install Mozilla Firefox. To do this, click on the link: Mozilla Firefox and click the Download button.
    2. Install the plugin Video DownloadHelper. Here is the download link: Video DownloadHelper. Select "Download Now", after installation, restart the browser.
    3. Go to your page in "Classmates".
    4. Include the song you want to download.
    5. We see colored moving balls next to the address line, with a glance we find a black triangle to the right of them.
    6. Click on it, of course!
    7. Click on our song in the list.
    8. In the file saving window that opens, select the directory in which we will save the file. Be sure to add the extension ".mp3" (without quotes) to the file name.
    9. Done!

    Many people say: “I want to download music from Odnoklassniki, Chrome does not load the plugin :(.” Your problem has a solution, and its name is web services for saving streaming data. It sounds complicated, I agree.

    We will act easier. Click on the link: VideoSaver:

    1. We find on the page a window with the inscription "Download video".
    2. Click the right mouse button on it and save it as a bookmark, it already depends on what browser you use.
    3. Then go to "Classmates", launch our song.
    4. In the process of playback directly from the tab with "Classmates" go to the created tab.

    A window pops up saying "Download." I think there can be no difficulties here :) We told you about two ways to download music from Odnoklassniki, use them and download your favorite songs without any difficulty!

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