• How to download games to your phone

    Contact your friends. Modernphones support interfaces such as infrared and bluetooth connections, which makes it possible to exchange data betweenphones with the same interfaces. All you have to do is turn on your existing interface, accept the incoming file and save it tophonee.
    Use the Internet to download games from the Internet. To downloadgamesYou can both find them withphonea, using the built-in browser, and find them on your computer, and then copy the link into the address bar of the browserphonea. It will save you money that would have been spent on downloading web pages during the search.
    If yourphoneEquipped with infrared or bluetooth interface, you can downloadgamesto the hard disk of the computer and then transfer them tophone. Activate the appropriate interface onphonee and transfer the file from your computer, then take it and save it tophonee.
    Syncphonewith computer using data cable. Usually it is included in the package.phonea, along with drivers and synchronization software. If this is not the case, buy the data cable in any computer store, and download the drivers and software on the network. Be sure to make sure that the drivers, synchronization software, and the data cable are appropriate for yourphonea. Install the driver and software, then connectphoneto the computer and make sure the software "sees"phone. After that copygamesin memoryphonea, using software.
    If yourphonesupports memory cards, you can use a card reader. In most cases, it is built into the laptop, otherwise buy it. Make sure that it is suitable for the kind of flash cards that are used in yourphonee. Connect the card reader to the computer and insert the flash card into the reader. Copygamesthen insert the card back intophone.

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