• How to disassemble a column?

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    How to disassemble a column?

    If you need to repair a music column, you need to know how to disassemble it. In this article we will explain in detail how to disassemble the column, and focus on dismantling the dynamics, since this is, in fact, the only difficult part of the work.

    How to disassemble a music column

    First of all, look at how your column is designed. In most cases, the column will have a glued case. In this case, you need to unscrew the speaker and pull it out of the box. If there are several speakers, then first, of course, you need to pull out the biggest one, and then those that are smaller. Now proceed to disassemble the speaker.

    How to disassemble the speakers

    This procedure is rather laborious, besides, it is necessary to stock up on certain tools and materials:

    • solvent - acetone is best suited (only it is desirable not diluted, but pure), but you can, for lack of better, use alcohol;
    • scapula and scalpel - for easier separation of glued parts;
    • fabric - to remove glue;
    • matches - for placing under detachable parts;
    • pipette - for accurate dosing of acetone or alcohol.

    So, we pulled the speaker from the speaker, unscrewing the attachment. Now you need to separate the speaker from the suspension. Suspensions can be made of rubber and cardboard. In the latter case, the work will have to perform more carefully, since cardboard hangers are much easier to damage.

    Remove the suspension

    Find the place where the glue is the least, pick up a solvent in a pipette and put it in this place, then lift the edge of the suspension with a spatula. As soon as the suspension is separated to a sufficient height, place a match under this place and continue the separation in adjacent places. However, you can try and dissolve the glue in several places at once, which will speed up the work somewhat. Matches need to be enclosed in order to separate the edges do not stick back to the dynamics.

    When separating the suspension, in no case do not try to speed up the work, applying more effort than necessary - even the rubber suspension can be easily damaged, and there’s nothing to say about the paper suspension. So be patient and slowly continue to separate the suspension from the body of the speaker on the specified technology.If the suspension is difficult to handle, then a scalpel should be used instead of a scapula, but be careful and use a tool that is not too sharp. After separating the gimbal, remove the remaining glue from the speaker surface.

    Finish the job

    Now we separate the centering washer from the diffuser, but this should be done very carefully so that the diffuser itself does not suffer (of course, if you do not plan to replace it with a new one). In this case, it is necessary to separate the centering washer not only from the side of the diffuser, but also from the side of the body. These manipulations are similar to the separation of the suspension from the speaker, that is, you need to drip the solvent and gradually separate the washer with a tool, putting a match for a match.

    However, it should be remembered that the contact of the diffuser with the solvent should not be long-term - in order to avoid damage to the diffuser. That is why this work should be carried out quickly, for which a small paddle is better suited. After separating the washer and diffuser, it is necessary to clean all surfaces from glue properly - here we need the fabric to which the solvent is applied. So we got to the magnet.

    If there are metal filings in the magnetic gap, they should be removed with a wooden spatula coated with glue. That's all. After replacing individual elements (unless, of course, you plan to use the speaker further), you will need to reassemble the column.

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