• How to diagnose pregnancy folk remedies

    You will need
    • - Iodine;
    • - urine;
    • - a white sheet of paper.
    Diagnose pregnancy at home is possible, if you carefully observe the behavior of your own body. One of the first signs of conceiving a child is a delayed menstruation, in addition, pain in the nipples appears, and the mammary glands swell. Signs of possible pregnancy include nausea and vomiting, changes in taste preferences, fatigue, frequent urination, and excessive irritability.
    To determine the onset of pregnancy, you can use iodine. To do this, you need to collect the morning urine in a plastic cup and add a couple of drops of iodine. If this substance is distributed evenly or immediately dissolved, then there is no pregnancy.If iodine remained on the surface of the urine - the conception of the child occurred. There is another way to diagnose pregnancy with iodine. Dampen a white sheet of paper in your own urine and put two drops of iodine on it. If the paper is then turned purple - you will soon become a mother. If the paper turned blue, then conception did not occur.
    Paying close attention to the color of urine, it is possible at home to determine the onset of pregnancy. Our great-grandmothers also noticed that the urine of a woman who is expecting a baby is rather concentrated and has a dark yellow color (not only in the morning, but in the evening). In addition, urine contains a large amount of hormones, which favorably affect the growth of flowers. Therefore, our ancestors used the following method: a woman collected urine during the night, and in the morning she needed to water garden flowers. If the flowers after that became even more magnificent and beautiful, it was believed that a woman would soon become a mother.
    Pour the collected urine into a metal container and put it on a fire, wait for it to boil. Then pour boiled urine into glassware.If fertilization of the egg occurs, then in the urine there will be flakes that precipitate. This method of determining pregnancy is still very popular among women.
    Previously, special importance was attached to dreams, including the definition of pregnancy. The most common dream forerunner is a dream about water and fish. It doesn't matter if a woman sees a fish, buys or catches it. And also promise the onset of pregnancy dreams associated with swimming in a clean reservoir. To this day, the fair sex claim that such dreams are a sure sign of a future or coming pregnancy.

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