• How to develop a relationship between a man and a woman

    How should develop the relationship between a man and a woman

    How should develop the relationship between a man and a woman

    Who says it is impossible to predict the future? We argue that this is possible. This will be discussed in today's article. We also know what will happen in your future marriage, if you remain successful and beautiful and do not forget about wisdom. This article will be about the stages of development of relations.

    If we talk about relationships, then, of course, you can guess that it will be a question of a love plan relationship, and no more. It can be assumed that the following articles may be, for example, on friendly relations. We believe that this is entirely possible.


    How should develop the relationship between a man and a woman



    A person is an interesting being, which in most of its cases begins to give up after reaching its goal, but it’s worth remembering that all these goals are stages of the same thing - relationships.Putting our hands in half, we immediately begin, fussing between the first and second stages. You understand that we are talking about growth. After all, no one told us that there, at the top of the iceberg, we would have to wait for French rolls or delicious coffee with chocolate. From this it is worth understanding that there is still a reason to go all this way, even if it is heavy and long.

    Before you start talking about how to develop relations between a man and a woman, it is worth saying that everyone has everything individually and it will be impossible to build all 30 billion relationships nearby. And because of this, we have a stereotype to think like this: “Yes, everything is really true, but personally, I have everything differently.” In fact, all relationships are similar by almost 95 percent, and all of them pass through the main stages.

    All stages of the development of the sexes have long been known to everyone, and we must understand them unconsciously, even if we look at the grandfather and grandmother who have lived together for more than fifty years. We begin to notice in them a kind of calm, harmony, acceptance and humility. Only stupid people might think that they were just lucky, they found such a person. All this is certainly not the case.

    There is a golden rule of relationships. In no case do not change the person. It will not bring happiness to anyone. You should only change your own behavior. Every person has freedom of choice. If it is necessary, then the person himself is able to respond to it, for example, do you like it when they change you? Surely not, here, and do not try to change another, especially a loved one.


    Stages of development of relations



    • Saturationor bouquet - candy period. Perhaps the most magical time in which people lose their mind, they begin to lose their hearing, their eyesight, but still they are happy. It was at this time that the mountains begin to crumble, the oceans and seas become shallow, the stars fall from the sky. Poems are beautifully written at this time, fire burns in the soul. I want to give as much as possible. It seems to us that we are ready for unconditional love, we are trying to perceive the partner as it is. And what really happens at this stage. You meet a person with whom you feel as if on the same wavelength. You open each other's soul, heart, and fill them with what was missing.
    Stages of development of relations

    Stages of development of relations

    What needs to be done at this stage, or at least try.

    1. It is worth finding a person who you are ready to tell your problems without any problems. Usually, friends always play this role, because only they immediately notice any changes in relationships or behavior. Of course, they will tell you that "something is wrong", but you, closing your eyes, will say that everything is fine. But then, when you come to feelings, they will speak out of spite "and we warned you."
    2. You can record all that you want to do. In moments of spiritual joy you want to draw, run in the morning, cook, or, for example, make a feeder. But before this usually does not reach the hands, in such cases all desires should be written down. It will take time, you read, remember, and if you are interested, you will realize it.
    3. Direct the energy in the right direction. Of course, it is desirable in the peaceful.
    • Satiation. The love rhymes in the poems have already disappeared, the colors fade, and the relationship is already becoming like dry prose. Coming from work, I want to go to sleep and have the strength to go somewhere at all, no, especially on dates. It's strange where everything went wrong, because everything was so beautiful. The partner’s shortcomings begin to be noticed, he is no longer so handsome, stupid things skip over the conversation, strange behavior manifests.And I don’t feel like thinking about relationships and especially about stages. What actually happens at this stage. The vessel of love is full, and to think more, as if you do not want to give anything and have no desire to give. All the enthusiasm has already passed and it is necessary to find something big in a person, so that it hooked again, and the cup of love filled up again. In simple words, you need some new conditions that are not.
    • RejectionLittle flaws? What do you mean, this is a whole tragedy. He wants me to do something for him, and after that he will do something for me. But I don’t have to do that. We need to move on, but he does not understand simple things in such a serious relationship. At least at this stage. You tell everything, there is no way for us further, we have completely different goals in life. What happens at this mysterious stage of development. After the second stage, namely, satiety, you understand that you have your own life, and not only him. Many of us think that if a loved one does not fill my life with something pleasant, then he is probably not the one I need. Still pumped memories of past feelings.And they ask this question: can part and find another person and I will be much better with him, with him can I spend my whole life? Soon you try to avoid meetings, conversations, in any situations you do not support each other, do not give that love that before, in the end, quarrel. Basically at this stage, many couples interrupt their relationship, and this stage becomes final. It may of course be correct, but it can still be saved if there is any desire.

    What should be done at this stage of development of relations.

    1. It is necessary to understand that a loved one is not your whole life and never will be. You have your own work, aspirations, hobbies and it is quite normal.
    2. It is worth thinking whether you need anyone at all. If you want to live the first emotions and feelings, can in this case forget about a serious relationship?
    3. Try to remember why you began to love him, and whether you need it in the future.
    4. If, nevertheless, yes, then make a decision to love, let it be as if it were dry. At this time, it is time to love a person, and not how he treats you. Understand that you are also not the best person, which sometimes irritates him as much as he does you. There are only two ways to build and continue the relationship further or completely leave everything in the past.Understand yourself first.
    • Patience.It's time for painful experiences, whether I chose the right decision or not. Time pain and agony from what is happening around. There comes a time when, at the moment when I want to cry out, we are silent, when through clenched teeth we fulfill the requirements that the partner says. At this time we become calmer. At this time we understand the real meaning of everything that is happening. After this stage, questions about the continuation of life together should not arise. Only after surviving this stage, we will be able to move on, and this will be given to us quite simply. The statement is indeed true, according to many witnesses.
    • Doing duty.It is time for action, and otherwise, what's the point of enduring. And in general, why did you once decide to be together. Fulfillment of duty means that you have really decided to be together, and you must fully understand and be aware of your duties, and most importantly it does not depend on anything, you should always fulfill them, not paying attention to how you Your second half belongs. Suppose you decide that it is your duty to prepare, but you know that your beloved spouse will come home from work and will surely fall for you. You do not have to sit and look into his eyes while he eats.But the evening dinner should be cooked and stand warm on the stove. After all, only after that you will have a decent and solid base, which would continue further. At this stage, you will be helped by thoughts about when you made the decision to be together. His motivation is able to make the process of fulfilling a debt much easier.
    • Respect.Mutual performance of duties without waiting, for example, a cooked cake will make each other truly respect each other. Maybe it is at this stage that you will understand what real friendship is, when you are respected, trusted. It is necessary that you show respect and show, naturally, sincerely.
    • Love.This stage we previously discussed, about the grandfather and grandmother, remembered? Of course, the grandparents are here for an example, but in fact, everything can happen much earlier. The time comes when, finally, of all the small but heavy bricks, a house was built. This is the stage when a loved one calmly says something in front of people, for which you could swear earlier, but now you just look at each other in a cute way. Now it is already starting to look more like a spiritual feeling, which is devoid of fears, offenses and much more. Now this is all real.What can be done to make everything even better, although where it is even better. It is just necessary to share wisdom and knowledge among themselves. Now there are very few people who are able to reach this stage.
    How relations should develop

    How relations should develop

    The secret to going through these stages in developing relationships is to be responsible for yourself and how you behave. You should only change yourself and not expect anything in return. After all, once the bubble burst, and you all know.

    Of course, all this will help those who, in their heart and mind, understand that the person who was appointed by fate is right next to them. No matter how hard life was.

    The sages believe that we came to earth to study, and most of the lessons come from the closest people, that's why it's not so easy to live with a loved one, but without them it would be boring.

    We all learn only one thing - love. And we love not for something, but love just like that. And that's probably what gives us the right to exist. It is quite simple to check at the household level. After the next quarrel, "vzryuchki" of your beloved man. There is no need to slam the door, blow your lips, shout, just come up and say "I love you anyway."Miracles exist. Love therapy is one of the best medicines.

    Knowing that there are stages in everything, it becomes easier to live. It is especially easier when you know that other people have exactly the same stages of development. Know that you are not alone.

    And in general, if at the moment you are thinking about some stages, then this may mean:

    • you have a relationship,
    • relationships develop,
    • you are able to think
    • and you have every chance to go all the way to an extraordinary happiness.

    You can only be congratulated, you enter a small percentage of people throughout the earth who are happy.

    Feel free to go through all these stages, nothing so warms the soul, as the realization that you have a loved one, he will warm you and support you.

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