• How to determine the sex of the child by heartbeat?

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    How to determine the sex of the child by heartbeat?

    Pregnancy - a difficult period in the life of every woman, although one of the happiest. In anticipation of a happy moment, future parents are often tormented by the question: how do you know the sex of the future child? Some want to get an answer already in the earliest terms. Ultrasound diagnostics can predict the sex most accurately, but it is carried out only from week 17. Among the most popular ways to determine the sex of a child in early pregnancy is a technique that allows you to determine whether you are expecting a boy or a girl by heartbeat.

    This method of determining the sex of the child cannot be attributed to professional methods, that is, to those used by gynecologists. Rather, it is folk omens and observations that have been tested over the years and have not lost their popularity in our days. To find out the sex of the child using this technique in two ways - let's talk in more detail about each of them.

    Determination of sex by the number of beats per minute

    The description of this technique cannot be found in medical textbooks and heard at obstetric courses, but informally, this method is used by many experts in their medical practice. According to women who have already given birth, experienced midwives, who love their work and who know a lot about it, are usually best able to determine the sex by heartbeat. After all, parents themselves to cope with this is difficult without special knowledge and skills.

    As for the analysis of the results, there are several contradictory interpretations. Some say that the boys heartbeat is faster, others argue that girls have it. Who is right to say so far no one has risked, because this technique does not have a reliable medical justification. Yet the most common opinion is that if the number of beats per minute is 140 or less, a boy will be born, if more than 140 beats are counted, a girl will be born.

    Determining gender by heartbeat rhythm

    According to this method, the sex of the baby can be found out by the rhythmic contraction of the heart muscle. If the rhythm most often coincides with the maternal one, it is clear and loud, then,likely to be born a boy. If the rhythm is muffled, variable, and galloping, this is a sign that a girl will be born.

    The location of the fetus inside the womb and the heartbeat can also determine the sex of the child. If the heart is tapped on the left side, then there will be a male child, and if on the right side, then it will be female.

    Speaking about the reliability of this technique, it should be noted that its effectiveness is only 50 to 50 percent. But, as the informal statistics, in most cases, the prediction that was obtained with its help, coincided with the result.

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