• How to determine the power supply?

    At this stage of development of modern civilization, it is simply impossible to imagine life without a computer. Every year the performance of modern computers doubles. Computers themselves are becoming more powerful and more powerful. As for the power supply, back in 2005, a 400 Watt power supply was rarely met, and at the moment it is the least that is. If now even in home computers they put 500-600 W each, then you will not surprise anyone with 1500 Watt power supply.

    Thus, before we start working with a computer, we just need to know what kind of power supply it has. Sometimes when choosing a computer, people simply forget to look at the power supply. And this is a very big mistake. Because it depends on him durability and stability of the computer. Often, due to a low-power power supply, the computer itself can shut down, hang, or generate an error. And worst of all, the fact that this can be fraught with consequences, because the incorrectly selected power supply power leads to premature breakdowns of computer components,which are very expensive.

    The power supply itself is a square metal box with cables sticking out of it. This "box" is energized from the outlet, and the function of the PSU is to distribute it further, throughout the system unit.

    How to choose the right power supply

    First of all, we need to figure out whether computers really consume more current and whether there is a significant difference compared to 2005 in terms of power consumption, and also figure out how to determine the power supply.

    First you need to clarify, computers conditionally divided into: household (office) and gaming (heaped). The fact is that the increase in processor performance almost did not affect the power consumption. In turn, low-cost models of video cards also have the same consumption. Winchesters, motherboard, DVD drives and other not so important trifles are not picky either. From this it is easy to conclude that the usual computer did not begin to consume more, this is just another plus in the achievement of nanotechnology.

    But about gaming computers, there is another story. If, in the year 2005 we already mentioned, everyone thoughtthat the limit of perfection is Athlons and Pentiums with a consumption of 90W, in the modern computer world everything is much more complicated. Multicore require at least 150 watts. With video cards, the same thing - X800GT and GF6600 took 50W, in contrast to modern video cards, which sometimes have a little 250W.

    Determination of power supply

    After the above question arises: how to determine the power of the power supply? And how to choose a power supply to a particular computer? It's very simple, you need:

    • Add the power consumption of all system components to the online calculator. This is a video card, processor and other individual nodes (this can be done using the manufacturer’s website);
    • Add to this figure another 15-20% (this is necessary in order to increase the supply of its resources and give the opportunity not to work all the time at full capacity)
    • Choose a power supply and connect it to a computer.

    When choosing a power supply you need to pay attention to:

    • peak power;
    • connection channels;
    • connection type (standard, modular, hybrid);
    • manufacturer (Cooler Master, Antec, OCZ, Zalman, Enermax, Hiper, etc.)

    These are the basic principles for the success of your computer.If the power supply is chosen correctly in terms of power, then the system will not fail, and expensive components will last long enough. Now you know how to determine the power of the power supply and you are not at risk of these problems.

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