• How to determine the age of the tree?

    Anna Yaroshenko
    Anna Yaroshenko
    July 25, 2014
    How to determine the age of the tree?

    To study the forest, scientists regularly determine the age of a tree. Such a need arises in the household plot, when it is necessary to decide which tree to cut and which tree to cut. In addition, the gardener sometimes needs to know how old the tree is in order to plant it in a timely manner. In this article we will talk about how to determine the age of a tree.

    How to know the age of a tree: a scientific approach

    There are several methods by which the age of trees is determined. The most reliable method is to calculate the annual rings on the trunk house: one year - one ring. To find out how old a tree is, you will need:

    • binocular microscope or magnifier;
    • solution for tinting wood;
    • saw;
    • Pressler age drill.


    1. Close to the ground we do saw. For convenience, you can make a few wooden circles. For broadleaf species, saw cuts are made along an oblique line. This is necessary in order to increase the width of the rings.The place of the cut should be polished with high quality.
    2. Take a microscope or magnifying glass in your hands and try to see the rings on the frame of the tree. Count them. If it is hard for you to look at them, apply an aniline alcohol solution, bluing or diluted ink to the wood.
    3. If you want to save the tree, take advantage of the Pressler age drill. Such a device allows taking samples of both the cortex and the core. Using this method, you do not do much harm to the tree. To take a sample in the right place, the device must be positioned at chest level and twist it into a tree trunk with smooth movements. Remove the wood cylinder and count the annual rings on it.

    How to determine the age of the tree in appearance

    If it is not possible to take advantage of the Pressler age drill, the age of the tree can be determined by its appearance: calculate the number of outer annual rings, which are located in different places of the perennial branches.

    To do this, move closer to the tree and select the most healthy branch. Carefully inspect it from top to bottom. You will immediately see the transverse scars in the form of annual rings.The scar persists throughout the life of the tree. To determine the age of the tree, it is necessary to count the annual increments from the terminal increment to the base of the branch or trunk. Young shoots are the terminal growth, and the annual growth is a part of the shoot.

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