• How to determine that you are addicted to the Internet?

    In the twentieth century, it was predicted that television would completely destroy the theater, and with the advent of mobile phones, we completely disaccustomed to read. None of these prophecies has come true yet, but what we know for sure is that we now watch and read television programs, theatrical productions, and books on the Internet. Hence, a new series of fears: if everything is already clear with the generation of today's 30-year-olds, then the generations behind them are allegedly under threat - scientists are already saying that the Internet produces the same strong effect on modern children as drugs. In Europe and the United States, a term such as Internet addiction is not a joke at all, but an object for study. According to various sources, 8-10% of users can already be classified as dependent on the World Wide Web.

    And you, too, when you wake up, first of all pick up the phone? Then maybe you are already at risk? Check yourself if you are addicted to the Internet.

    Loneliness is a disaster if you don’t have a computer or phone at hand

    You see a trip to a business lunch without colleagues as an excellent opportunity to quietly flip through the whole Instagram for a day, and if you have a battery in the metro and you have ten stations left, then you immediately get nervous and angry. And indeed, in the very concept of “loneliness” you do not find anything terrible if you have the Internet at hand. But from the mere thought of his absence, you already have goosebumps - what can you do in such a case?

    How to determine that you are addicted to the Internet?

    You exceed your own limits on being on the web.

    Some minutes went by for ten “check emails”, and hung on reading a whole thread of the online discussion, then went to browse articles on the topic and eventually crawled out from behind the computer an hour (!) Later. Because of the Internet, you go to bed later (again, the nightly “I’ll look at social networks” steals five times more than you have), you are late, you stay at work - in short, you “hang out” to the fullest.

    Internet above life

    Imagine such a picture: there is a mess in the apartment, in the sink of a mountain of dishes, half of the light bulbs do not work, nobody has washed the laundry for three weeks, but high-speed Internet “flies” and you sit in the middle of this household disaster ... and watch the video with puppies .And when the next season of your favorite series comes out, you don’t leave the house at all from Friday night to Monday, switching to thawed food and a lying lifestyle.

    How to determine that you are addicted to the Internet?

    Already on the sides are sounding the alarm

    Your partner has already complained about the lack of attention, neighbors in the apartment - the light from the computer and sounds at night, friends have already made comments to you because you are sitting on the phone at the dinner table, and your ophthalmologist noted your deteriorating vision. It seems that others have already given you little clues, but you have decided not to take any seriously.

    In your free time you are online

    As finished alcoholics do not have time to come home from work, and they immediately open a bottle of beer, you also look right at what happened on social networks (although you were there again an hour ago, but only at work). Friday, evening - it's time to download a new film, Saturday - to hit online shopping, and Sunday - to make posts about “actively” spent a week.

    How to determine that you are addicted to the Internet?

    You already tried to refuse, but it only got worse

    Without Facebook, you suddenly felt that you had no friends at all; without Instagram, insomnia rolled in instantly, and without taking a break from browsing the stupid sites at work, you cannot bring yourself to work productively.In general, without the Internet, you have already tried to spend a couple of days and discovered the worst in yourself - anger, depression, irritability and despondency.

    You are more likely to chat on the Web than meet people live.

    Nowadays, it is easy for this to come up with an excuse - they say, there are so many things to do at work that I come home exhausted. But you just have enough strength for the Internet and the three-four-hour time in it. There is nothing terrible in the fact that with the arrival of cold weather we all fall into a kind of hibernation and rarely leave the house, but if your social life in July, that in December is virtually zero, is a reason to think.

    How to determine that you are addicted to the Internet?

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