• How to delete the sent message?

    Surely everyone faced with such a situation, when you accidentally send a message to the wrong person, who wanted to social networks, and then there is a need to delete this message. Let's try to find out if you can delete the sent message.

    Unfortunately, such social networks as VKontakte, classmates and facebook do not allow you to delete already sent messages. So, most likely, you will have to blush in front of the interlocutor, unless, of course, he reads this message. However, there are several ways that can mislead the person and avoid the problem.

    First way

    For example, you can try to explain to the interlocutor that your page has been hacked and sent a spam message, or send a whole bunch of messages to this interlocutor and then there is a possibility that the interlocutor will not notice or read the most important.

    In a number of social networks, there are applications that supposedly help answer find out how to delete a sent message,but you should not risk it and use it as it is most likely fraudsters who will receive your login and password and use your account for their not very good purposes.

    Second way

    There are a couple of options that are universal for all social networks, but for this you will need to pay a rather large price. So:

    • You can try to delete your account in social networks as soon as possible after sending the message. After the new registration, your profile will be clean, and there will be no message history and information about you in it.
    • Also, if you know the interlocutor's login and password, go to his page and delete the message before he reads it. For Vkontakte, for example, this can be done as follows. As soon as you have entered the interlocutor's page, click on my messages, then select the desired message in the dialog by pressing the left mouse button and then click on the “delete” button that appears at the top after you highlight the message.

    In the same way, by the way, you can also clear your cluttered mail, so that later it would be easier to find the message you need or delete the information that compromises you.

    Thus, you can avoid unpleasant consequences, but do not forget that these two methods will work only if the interlocutor is not online. After all, messages in any social network come to the interlocutor instantly, and if his status is Online, then, most likely, he will read it immediately, and there's nothing to be done about it.

    The word is not a sparrow - will fly out, you will not catch it. This proverb is relevant not only when communicating in real life, but also for social networks. So the best way to help solve this problem is to control your emotions during communication. Do not rush to swear and write unpleasant things.

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