• How to decorate the kitchen

    You will need
    • - lime:
    • - water-based paint;
    • - ceiling panels;
    • - waterproof wallpaper;
    • - fireproof linoleum;
    • - Building tools.
    Modern materials allow you to repair the kitchen in any order. But it is still better to follow the traditional sequence and start trimming from the ceiling. Options can be different, from whitewashing to polystyrene foam panels. Whitewash has one drawback - it darkens with time, and you have to whiten again. Panels or washable wallpaper delivers significantly less trouble if they are water resistant. It is not excluded the use of water-based paint. With any kind of finish the ceiling must be leveled. Under the whitewash or paint, it should be as smooth as possible. Panels and wallpaper hide minor defects, but it is better to get rid of large irregularities.
    In Soviet times, kitchen walls were usually painted to about half. Used for this oil paint. It, of course, keeps for a long time and washes well, but the interior turned out to be very unpresentable.This method of finishing has not been canceled, especially as the range of paints is now significantly larger and their quality is higher. But it is much more convenient to paste over the walls with washable wallpaper. They are of two types - duplex and vinyl. The second option is preferable, because this wallpaper is more moisture-resistant and less susceptible to mechanical stress and wear.
    Can be used for wall decoration and wallpaper for painting. This option combines the advantages of two ways of registration. A beautiful relief is formed on the walls, and it is possible to repaint the walls glued in this way several times. Only paint should be chosen waterproof, because the kitchen walls are exposed to steam, they are constantly hit by droplets of fat, and therefore they have to be washed frequently. Such wallpapers also come in several forms. In principle, for the kitchen any suitable.
    It is not forbidden to use in the kitchen and decorative coating "under the stone", "under the tree", etc. It will cost a little more than wallpaper. Whatever you take to cover the walls, the surface must be flat. Before leveling, remove from the walls the remnants of what was on them, except paint. But the painted surface must be leveled.
    Special attention should be paid to the wall, near which there is a stove or sink. From frequent washing, any wallpaper will lose sight earlier than in the rest of the room. Therefore, it is best to finish the surfaces around the sink and plate with tiles of suitable color. In any case, washing it will be easier than wallpaper.
    For floors, it is best to choose refractory linoleum. It can be rolled or in the form of a tile. The assortment of this product in hardware stores is large enough, so you can choose the right color or even lay down on the floor some pattern of colored tiles. It all depends on the style of your kitchen.

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