• How to create a scheme?

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    How to create a scheme?

    Thanks to the rapidly developing technologies, it becomes easier and more pleasant to do needlework. Today, to search for patterns for embroidery, you do not need to go to the markets, rummage around your girlfriend in old magazines or ask your friends to search for something at home. With the help of a computer and the Internet, a manual for needlework can be made independently by using any photo. So, how to create a circuit yourself?

    Cross Stitch Pattern

    There are special programs that translate any loaded image into the scheme for embroidery. Such programs divide the image into pixels (small squares) and slightly increase the scale, if necessary. These programs can work both offline and online. The following are the most popular offline programs:

    • Cross;
    • Pattern Maker;
    • PCStitch;
    • CrossStitchPro;

    Here is a list of online programs:

    • Pic 2 Pat;
    • Petal;
    • Mulinella;
    • fanreal;
    • Online version of the program "Cross."

    On some websites of online programs, tables are also laid out for translating floss threads from different color shades.

    Schemes for embroidery with beads

    Schemes for embroidery with beads are slightly different from those used for embroidery with a cross. Beads require a smoother transition of colors and more contrasting shades. Therefore, the image to create a scheme is processed a little differently and more complicated than for cross-stitching. Below are the programs that will help you translate an image into a beadwork scheme:

    • Biserok
    • Beadswicker
    • Myjane

    Before transferring any image into the scheme for embroidery, you need to pay attention to its quality. The lower the picture quality, the worse the scheme will be. Accordingly, the result of your work will not be so bright and colorful. The image should not have many small details. There is a possibility that in the finished work such parts will simply be lubricated.

    If you want to embroider beads, then you should not use large beads. Best suited medium and small. It is also best to limit to 6 colors in one picture.

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