• How to create a mod for Minecraft?

    Igor Frolov
    Igor Frolov
    December 19, 2014
    How to create a mod for Minecraft?

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    How to create a mod for Minecraft?

    In order to create fashion in Minecraft, it is necessary to have at least basic knowledge of working with applications and programming in general.

    You can create mods for Minecraft using the API and without it. An API is an application programming interface that allows working with ready-made classes, functions, procedures, structures, and constants for use in other programs. The most popular API for Minecraft is Minecraft Forge. Using Forge to create mods in the game requires the use of this API for the game itself, which greatly complicates the gameplay itself, but at the same time allows you to install applications without conflict with your modifications and with the mods of other players. To achieve this without an API is impossible.

    Preparation for the creation of mods in the game is as follows:

    1. Download the latest version.
    2. Install.
    3. Download and make a copy of it on your desktop.
    4. Download it.
    5. Transfer all programs to one folder on your desktop and run install.cmd.
    6. After running Eclipse, specify the folder you created earlier as a workspace.

    After that, you can go directly to the creation of a mod. You will need to go through the following steps:

    1. Creating a base file in which the name, id and version of the mod are specified;
    2. Creating a block;
    3. Creating a drop;
    4. Block generation;
    5. Creation of versatile structures;
    6. Multiblock structures;
    7. Creating items;
    8. Creating tools, etc.

    Starting small, you will gradually understand the basic principles of how to create mods for Minecraft, and you can even add your own mods to the server in order to show them to your friends.

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