• How to create a hotel

    You will need
    • - the results of marketing research;
    • - business plan;
    • - room;
    • - equipment;
    • - staff;
    • - promotion.
    Arm yourself with the results of marketing research and start writing a business plan. The first part should be descriptive. Its main theme is why potential guests should stay with you. The second part is devoted to business processes. From compiling a complete list of all that is needed to start a project, to "photos" of service. The third part describes the financial processes of the future business. Count the necessary investments, the terms of the subsidy, the exit point to zero and the break-even point. Also consider a model of fixed and variable costs, as well as an income. Based on the data, make an investment plan with a schedule of payments on loans.
    Pick the right room. If you decide to build a building from scratch - order and approve the architectural project. The hotel consists of two main zones - a room stock (up to 50% of the area is allocated for it) and a food service, in which one - two restaurants and a lobby bar (about 15-17%).The rest is occupied by technical services, as well as services that provide all kinds of additional services to hotel guests, such as a fitness room, beauty salon, sauna, etc.
    Order a design project, rooms, halls and restaurants will be processed according to it. Try to give preference to using natural materials. Plastic and similar materials are appropriate only in very few styles. Popular for today, the style of "minimalism" requires large areas. But it is better to stay on it or on the time-tested classic style. As practice shows, the guests most favorably relate to them.
    Check all hotel services with supervisory authorities. It will take from one to three months to obtain permits, so be prepared for this. In parallel, make out the surrounding area. When the guests start to settle, it will be unacceptable. Take up staffing, developing job descriptions and hiring employees. And also a marketing plan. No matter how good your hotel is, it needs to be promoted.

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