• How to create a gang?

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    How to create a gang?

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    How to create a gang?

    Interacting with other characters is a fascinating part of each game, so many GTA fans are interested in how to create a gang in different versions of the game, as well as in multiplayer.

    Creating and joining a gang in GTA SA

    In GTA single mode, you can create a gang by pressing the G key (default setting). To do this, go to the gang member in green clothes, aim the sight at him and press the indicated button. He will join your gang, will follow you and attack opponents. Read more about this in the article How to hire a gang in the GTA (GTA).

    To create a gang in the samp, you need to register the / gang command on the server, then in the menu select the item: gang creation.

    Many are also interested in how to create a gang with non-standard color in the GTA Samp. To do this, you just need to find the color code that you want to use, in the HTML encoding and in the field "gang name" enter the code in the format:

    • {color code} The name of the gang {color code}.

    On some samp servers, only administrators can create a gang.But entry into them is available under standard conditions: the third level and the maximum value of possession of weapons. To join a gang, a player needs to come to a certain point on the map, which he will be told by phone if he can show himself well. When joining, they will ask you to show your passport and answer a few questions about the game.

    Create a gang in the GTA can be a more simple method. Agree with your like-minded people that you will put the abbreviated name of your association in front of a nickname, isolating it with non-standard signs. For example, the gang of "Night Wolves" can be written in the style of: [NW] Nick.

    Gangs in GTA V

    Creating a gang in the GTA 5 is much easier, while the game allows you to set a greater number of settings for your group. To create you must have an account on the site. Going into it, go to the menu tab: Gangs - Create a gang. In GTA V, you can specify not only the name of the gang, but also choose the emblem, color, various gestures, tasks of your group, etc.

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