• How to create a bootable Windows XP?

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    How to create a bootable Windows XP?

    Sometimes due to a virus attack or user error, the Windows system may lose the ability to boot. How to save your files and computer in this situation? Create insurance in advance. Each user must have a boot disk that allows you to restore the system at the right time. How to create a bootable disk Windows XP, you will learn from this article.

    We will need:

    • blank CD or DVD;
    • Windows XP disk;
    • any program to create images.

    Create an image in the program Nero

    1. Insert the Windows XP disc into the CD-ROM and launch Nero.
    2. Depending on the type of disc used (CD or DVD), we launch the corresponding project.
    3. Find the item "Creating an image" and click on it.
    4. In the list of data sources, select the optical drive, and as the receiver of information - the hard disk. Click the "Next" button.
    5. In the window that appears, choose the path to save the image, press the "Save" button, after which the copying process should start, which can take a very long time, so just be patient and wait.
    6. As soon as you see Burned Complete, you can eject the disc and insert a blank CD / DVD on which we will burn the image instead.
    7. Now in the list of Nero projects, select "Burn image to disk", in the new window indicate the path to the image that we created, click "Next" and wait until the copy process is complete.
    8. All! Removing the disk and no longer worry about viruses, which for no reason at all can "dump" the system.

    Image creation in DAEMON Tools

    1. Insert the Windows XP disc into the CD-ROM, open the program and select the "Burn image" button on the toolbar.
    2. In the new window, select the DVD-drive, specify the write speed "4.0".
    3. Specify in the "Path to the image file" field the path to the image of the Windows XP installation disc. Click the "Start" button.
    4. All! It remains only to burn the image to a CD or DVD, it can be done either with the help of a special program, or with a simple "drag and drop".

    Image creation in the Ultraiso program

    1. Insert the Windows XP disc into the CD-ROM, launch the program, select the "File" tab and specify the path to the image.
    2. Select the tab "Tools", then "Write the image."
    3. In the new window, specify the recording speed and click "Start". We are waiting for the copy process to complete.
    4. The job is done, it remains only to record the image on external media.

    Work in other programs to create an image is built on a similar principle.

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