• How to cope with weight in the stomach?

    Such a symptom as heaviness in the stomach is probably familiar to almost everyone. And most often it occurs after feasts and holidays, but sometimes it is completely unrelated to food intake. Is it possible to deal with weight? Well, if you figure out and eliminate the causes of the symptom.

    Why does gravity arise?

    Causes of severity in the stomach can be varied. Here are some of them:

    • Binge eating. If you have eaten much more than was necessary, then the stomach can simply not cope with such a volume of food. Gastric juice will not have time to develop in the necessary quantities, and the contents will not be able to fully, correctly and quickly digest, which will lead to the emergence of such an unpleasant symptom.
    • If the severity arose after eating, but you ate the usual small portion, it is possible that the products were too heavy, for example, fatty, fried, hard, high in protein or flour. Such food is digested much longer, so the cavity of the stomach can linger, causing unpleasant sensations.
    • Failure of diet.For example, if the intervals between meals are too large, then the food that comes in after a long break can be a huge load for the stomach. He simply does not have time to develop the required amount of juice, which will lead to stagnation of the contents and, consequently, to the severity.
    • Gastritis with low acidity of gastric juice. In this case, this very juice can not normally and correctly digest the incoming food, and because of this, it will almost constantly stagnate, causing the onset of gravity.
    • Eating "on the go" or at an excessively fast pace. Some products begin to be processed already in the oral cavity by saliva. If you chew quickly or swallow food in large chunks, then the entire burden will fall on the stomach, and it may simply not cope with it.


    Surely the symptom in question is familiar to everyone. The stomach feels heavy, it seems overcrowded, which causes severe discomfort. Other manifestations can also be observed: belching, increased gas formation, bloating, pain, and so on. In addition, due to the severity often apathy, fatigue, drowsiness.

    How to solve a problem?

    What should I do if my stomach is heavy? There are several ways to eliminate such an unpleasant symptom, and the most effective ones will be discussed below.

    Useful procedures

    If the severity arose suddenly and you need to quickly eliminate it, but there are no means at hand, then try the following procedures:

    1. Physical activity. Increased and excessive loads after meals are contraindicated, so you should not start to run or go to the gym. But that's easy charging and simple movements will be very useful. So, you can do the slopes, turns the torso, will help and walking. Physical activity stimulates the production of gastric juice and accelerate the process of digestion.
    2. Massage is also effective in this case, because it will ensure a rush of blood to the treated area and, thus, significantly improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. But you should not massage the area too actively, there will be quite enough circular movements without excessive pressure. First, you can make them one way, then the other.
    3. Aromatherapy. Many people do not take this method seriously, and for good reason, because the smells of some essential oils are able to stimulate the synthesis of digestive juice and thereby relieve the feeling of heaviness.This effect has the aromas of rosemary, lemon, cinnamon, cloves, bergamot, peppermint.

    Homemade recipes

    Eliminate the unpleasant symptom can help some folk remedies:

    • Drink a quarter or third of a glass of lemon juice, it will launch and accelerate the synthesis of digestive juice due to the irritant effect on the stomach wall. But such a remedy should not be used for ulcers and gastritis, accompanied by damage to the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract.
    • To get rid of gravity, you can eat a small piece of kiwi or pineapple. Such fruits contain acids and enzymes that will help to digest the food stagnated in the stomach and eliminate discomfort.
    • You can drink half a cup of fresh kefir, whey or other light sour-milk drink, for example, airan.
    • Pharmacy chamomile will also help. A tablespoon of dried chopped raw materials pour a glass of boiling water. Let the medium brew for fifteen minutes and cool, strain it and use in two steps.
    • At home, you can use the seeds of dill. Pour teaspoon with 200 ml of boiling water, leave for twenty minutes, cool, strain it with gauze and take it if you feel unpleasant.
    • A well-known remedy that improves digestion is St. John's Wort. An infusion of such a plant can be prepared according to the recipe described in the previous paragraphs (a tablespoon per cup of water).
    • Feel free to use and yarrow, it also helps to cope with unpleasant symptoms. You can make a decoction. To do this, place a tablespoon of raw material in boiling water (enough glass) and boil the liquid over low heat for ten minutes. After the composition has cooled, strain and drink a third of a glass every ten minutes.


    Certain drugs sold in pharmacies without a prescription will help eliminate the severity. They can be divided into several groups:

    • Preparations based on bile acids stimulate digestion. This group includes "Holenzim".
    • Funds based on enzymes perform the same functions, that is, normalize the processes of food processing. This category includes Pancreatin, Mezim.
    • Combination drugs can contain both bile acids and enzymes. This category includes “Festal”.
    • Means on a plant basis, for example "Allochol".


    To never feel an unpleasant heaviness in the stomach,follow simple preventive measures:

    1. Do not overeat. Control the amount of portions eaten and do not exceed the permissible limits. Sometimes it is difficult, especially during the holidays, when the tables have a lot of delicious dishes. But if you want to try everything, put a spoonful of each snack. In addition, eat slowly, chewing everything carefully.
    2. If possible, refuse heavy foods or limit their consumption. This category includes fried and fatty dishes, pasta, bakery and confectionery, meat, various high-calorie sauces.
    3. Chew food thoroughly, especially if it is coarse.
    4. Observe the diet. Ideally, the intervals between meals should not exceed three hours. To adhere to such intervals, take food to work or study.
    5. To improve the performance of the gastrointestinal tract, include in the diet fermented milk products, as well as food rich in dietary fiber: cereals, vegetables, berries, fruits, bran.

    To cope with the weight in the stomach is quite possible, following simple rules. But if she appears often, it is worth to consult a doctor.

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