• How to cope with aggression in a two year old child

    Causes of child aggression

    There are many reasons that provoke a child’s aggressive behavior. For example, neglect of parents, ignoring elementary requests and needs of the baby. An important role is played by the methods of education. If there are screams, abuse and physical abuse in the family, then the child will copy this behavior of adults.
    Do not forget that in children the character begins to actively form at the age of 2-3 years. The little man begins to strive for independence and to defend his "I" in various ways, including showing aggression.

    Ways to combat the aggressive behavior of the child

    Talk to the baby, explain that anger is a normal reaction, but aggressive behavior can offend and cause harm (including physical) to those around him. Teach your child to cope with aggression.There are different ways: breathe deeply, pound the pillow, or shout loudly, firing rage out.
    Spend more time with the child, perhaps with your aggressive behavior, the baby just wants to attract the attention of parents. Encourage your child to tell you everything, not to hold anger and resentment, but to immediately talk about what caused them. Thus, having spoken and resolved the situation, you will extinguish the conflict at the very beginning and will not let it spill over into rage and a fight.The practice of “giving change” to a child is not constructive. As a result, he will think that the use of physical force is the right answer to someone who upsets or angers him.
    In response to the aggression of the child, do not be annoyed, but show that you are upset and offended. Get the child out of your hands, step back a little, say that you can't behave this way. You can leave the room for a while. Just do not need to make faces and pretend to cry - children feel false.
    Listen to the desires and requirements of the child. It is possible that some of them are quite logical and justified, and their implementation will not be difficult. Frequent disregard for the desires of the child forces the child to defend his position and place in the family, including quite aggressive methods (fights, hysterics).The child must understand that although the elders and the main ones in the family are important and loved.Limit watching TV and clearly regulate the time spent at computer games. Observe the mode of the day, it disciplines and creates a sense of stability and security in the child.

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