• How to cook in a slow cooker?

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    How to cook in a slow cooker?

    The process of cooking is constantly being improved, and even the most thrifty and economical housewives are interested in how to cook in a slow cooker. The cost of this device can not be called low, but its advantages are so high that almost every family has already acquired a slow cooker or plans to do it in the near future. Assistant, clever, the most useful kitchen machine - this is how the experienced housewives call this wonderful device. Many global brands open brand stores selling components for multicookers - spare pots, lids, yogurt glasses, tongs, ham, and more. The slow cooker preserves nutrients and vitamins in dishes; food is much healthier and tastier than food cooked on a gas burner.

    How does the multicooker

    The slow cooker is an electric appliance in which food is cooked in a non-stick coated bowl. Heating occurs both from the bottom and from the side of the walls, according toMulticookerall perimeter.The valve has a built-in valve for the removal of steam, which allows metered or constantly releasing excess steam. In order to prepare any dish, you just need to prepare the products and put them in the bowl. The rest is all your multicooker.

    Also, you do not need to think, with the help of what and how to steam, everything is provided in this appliance. Each multicooker comes with a special plastic grill for steaming, products (fish, meat, chicken, meatballs, vegetables) are placed on it, water is poured into the bowl, and the steaming mode is set. In about an hour, your dietary meal will be ready.

    A variety of cooking modes

    Almost all modern models of multicookers have at least 9-10 modes of operation. These are the main programmed modes: rice, rice, buckwheat, milk porridge, soup,Multicookerstewing, “express”, steaming, heating, frying, baking. The most modern multi-cooker function is the multi-cook, which allows you to cook any food, at any time, with any special conditions. A very important mode with which multicookers are equipped is a delayed start. If you like to please your family, for example, freshly brewed cereal for breakfast,then in the evening you can lay the food in the bowl, set the start of the program at 6 am, and at half past six, your porridge will be ready, and the mode will be switched to heating.

    Recently, multicookers have appeared on store shelves, which are equipped with a huge number of modes - 30, 40, 50 and more. Such devices are much more expensive than standard multicookers. Before you choose an expensive device, evaluate how much you need a set of a huge number of functions, will you often use them? Practice shows that it is better to buy a quality item in the middle price category with basic modes, and you can buy ham for the preparation of rolls and homemade sausage, a spare bowl and cups for making healthy yogurt for the amount saved.

    Multivarka - expensive pleasure?

    Special attention whenMulticookerWhen choosing a multicooker, spend an analysis of the price ratio of the device and its quality. If the manufacturer has established a warranty period of 1-2 years, then think about it. The slow cooker is a simple device, so it should work flawlessly for at least 3-4 years. Practice shows that 5.6 and even 8 years for the multicooker is not the limit! Devices with a short warranty period are quite inexpensive, but bypass them.The slow cooker is responsible for cooking, which affects your health. Therefore, choose for yourself and loved ones only the best!

    How can you learn to cook in a slow cooker

    If you bought a slow cooker quite recently, then carefully read the recipe book attached to it. Every reputable manufacturer produces bright and understandable benefits so that the hostess will learn how to cook in a slow cooker. Videos of the process of cooking can be viewed on the Internet at specialized sites. You can learn how to cook in a slow cooker at master classes published on the Internet.

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