• How to convert to radians?

    Vladimir Kulinich
    Vladimir Kulinich
    February 14, 2013
    How to convert to radians?

    In mathematics, people are faced with the task: how to translate radians into degrees, or vice versa. In fact, it is very simple and for this it is not necessary to have deep knowledge in mathematics or other applied sciences. Let's take a closer look at these measurements. Radian and degree are the basic units of measurement of flat angles in physics, mathematics, and also in cartography to determine the coordinates of any point on the earth's surface.

    These measurement values ​​are usually denoted to simplify working with them as follows:

    • degree - °
    • radian - glad

    Consider how to convert an angle to radians and radians to an angle:

    • 1 ° = (π / 180) rad π 0,017453293 glad;
    • 1 rad = (180 / π) ° π 57.295779513 °, where π = 3.14;

    Obviously, π is glad = 180 °, from which the simple and understandable for each formulas for translation originate:

    • radian to degrees: Z rad = Z °∗(π/180);
    • degrees in radians: Z ° = Z rad∗(180 / π), where Z rad is the angle in radians, Z ° is the angle in degrees, π = 3.14.

    We give examples of translations on the corners of 15 and 50 units of measure to show how simple it is:

    • conversion of degrees to radians: 15 ° = 15 glad∗(π / 180) π 0,262 glad;
    • conversion of radians to degrees: 15 rad = 15 °∗(180 / π) π 859,873 °, where π = 3.14 or 50 ° = 50 rad∗(π / 180) π 0.872 rad;
    • conversion of radians to degrees: 50 rad = 50 °∗(180 / π) π 2866,242 °, where π = 3.14.

    If you do not have time or you simply do not want to calculate and translate yourself, you can use the links for translation, which for your convenience are listed below:

    or other online calculators, which in our time is not difficult to find using various search engines on the Internet. In any case, now you know how to convert to radians and vice versa. It turns out that this is really easy!

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