• How to connect the Internet to the phone?

    Irina Kosheleva
    Irina Kosheleva
    December 19, 2012
    How to connect the Internet to the phone?

    Mobile phone has become one of the symbols of our daily life. Forgetting it accidentally at home, we already feel like without hands. This small device allows you to always stay in touch, and now, also be online on the Internet. All you need to do is find out how to connect the Internet to your phone from your operator.

    Where to begin

    The operator will give you the most accurate, accessible and detailed excursions, therefore, it’s best to start setting up the Internet in your phone by calling him. There, following the prompts of the answering machine or by contacting the telephone operator directly, follow all the instructions and the Internet on your phone is connected.

    If you do not like to wander around the menu of the answering machine and have no desire to talk with the operator, read our instructions.

    Network configuration

    The fastest and cheapest internet connection at the moment is GPRS. Therefore, you need to configure it.

    As a rule, most operators send the user automatic settings when the SIM card is activated. If this does not happen, then use the instructions for your phone and find out where it contains the network settings. There you will need to create a new profile and enter the settings manually. Login, password, access point, protocol and other settings will have to learn from the operator or on the official website.

    Check settings

    As a rule, for the settings to take effect, you need to restart the phone. After that, try to access the Internet using a browser or other programs to check.

    Official sites

    The device of modern sites allows you to manage services, tariffs and even account using a computer connected to the Internet. By logging into your personal account on the site, you can not only learn how to connect the Internet via the phone, but also view the cost of sent / received information and, even, the statistics of expenses and use of Internet traffic.

    Internet setup for each operator

    Learn more about how to set up the Internet at your specific operator can be found here:

    Settings by phone model

    Some older models of phones do not support automatic settings that the operator sends. Difficulties may arise in the event that the phone was brought from abroad. And, in this case, it is advisable to apply with the settings of the operator in the service center of the phone or look for articles on how to set up your phone.

    These are all currently available methods of how to connect the Internet via a telephone. Stay always in touch!

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